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Kids' Fashion Gift Guide for the Holidays

Stylish Gifts for Girls and Boys


Welcome to the holiday season. If you are struggling to find the perfect gifts for the kids on your list, then look no further. I've compiled several Gift Guides to help make your holiday shopping a breeze.

1. The Ulitmate Fashion Gifts for Girls

Gift Guide for Kids
Kaiya Eve
What are the most sought after luxury gifts for girls? This is your gift guide to incredible girls' fashion like shearling boots, premuim kids' jeans, Juicy Couture suits, and more! Whether you are shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah or any other special occasion, show her she's your little princess by spoiling her with incredible high-end gifts for lucky girls.

2. Fashionable Gifts for Boys

Gifts Guide for Kids
Sand Cassel Kids
Many readers tell me that it is harder to shop for boys than for girls. I say, that it's not true. Sure, the selection is thinner, but there are some totally cool kids' fashion items out there for boys and the selection is improving every year. I've found some great gifts for boys that are fun and fashionable.

3. Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Girls and Boys

Gift Guide for Kids
Stuff their stockings with great items in girls' and boys' fashion. Think fun, small and functional! When shopping for kids' stocking stuffers, don't forget about this year's biggest trends for kids like funky accessories and fashionable electronics.

4. The Season's Best Shoes for Kids

Gift Guide for Kids
How can you make your kids' well planned and totally adorable outfits even more special? By finishing them off with a fabulous pair of shoes. What shoes will be in demand this year? Think pizazz, and go for shoes that are out of the ordinary. The coolest shoes for kids this season are not in your local mall, they are online. So, come on in and check out some incredible girls' and boys' shoes like beautiful ballet flats, European designer boots, funky and spunky Vans Kids slip-ons and more!

5. The Best Shoes for Toddlers: Innovative Shoes for Preschoolers

Gift Guide for Kids
Choosing the best shoes for your toddler is hard than you thought isn't it? There is so much to consider. The best toddler shoes are flexible, comfortable, provide excellent support, are well constructed and are cute to boot. That's a lot to ask for in a little shoe, but I've found 6 awesome pairs of toddler shoes that you have to see.

6. Holiday Clothes and Pajamas for Kids

Gift Guide for Kids
Celebrate the holidays in style in these amazingly fun and festive looks for kids. If you are looking for something special, or even something nontraditional for your little ones this year, you're going to love these holiday clothes and pajamas for kids. The holidays but once a year, so make the most of them!

7. Preschool and Kindergarten Style: My Favorite Fashions for Younger Kids

Gift Guide for Kids
Here is a small list of some of my favorite kiddie fashions for toddlers and little kids. From a belt that he can do himself to the coolest-of-the-cool kids' tees, see what fun and stylish items are available for little ones for Kindergarten and Preschool 2008-2009.

8. Edgy Fashions for Kids

Gift Guide for Kids
For cool kids only, these rocking fashions for wee ones are hot. Forget about basic stripes for boys and head-to-toe pink for girls, because today's kids want something much cooler. And, fashionable parents across America are shunning traditional kids' duds and reaching for stylish and edgy clothes for their kids. What brands are hot? What styles are in demand? And where can you snag rocking hot clothes for your modern kids?
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