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Back-to-School Clothing Needs

Young girl looking at dress in mirror in her room

How many outfits do your kids really need? This checklist breaks the numbers down piece by piece.

More Lessons in Back-to-School 101
Kids' Fashion Spotlight10

Back-to-School Test Drive: Lunch Gear

Check out these favorites in lunch gear: kid and parent-approved, cool, safe, and sustainable.

Fashion Visuals 101: Sweater Necklines

What exactly is a Bateau neck, anyway? See for yourself in this visual primer.

19 of the Coolest Backpacks For Tween Girls

You know that saying about dressing for the job you dream of? Carry the backpack for the year you want to have.

Old Navy's Back-to-School Anthem

Old Navy's back-to-school anthem inspires kids to be unlimited.

Top Trends: Pineapples, Pom Poms & Donuts

Cute. $3. Pineapples.

What to Wear: American Road Trip

Whether you're headed to the coast or the city, we'll help you pack the kids for summer vacation.

Made in the USA: Patriotic Style for Boys

Kids clothes made in the USA, with style. Wee Rascals is based in Austin, TX.

DIY T-Shirt Upcycle: Best of the Web Roundup

From snips to stamps, these easy DIY projects will reinvent your T-Shirt stash.

The Boys' Guide to Summer Accessorizing

Readying for a summer of weddings, graduations, and parties? Stylish accessories put the finishing touch on every look, so he'll be dressed to charm.

Boys' Summer Style Guide

Boys may not love it, but weddings, graduations, and other summer celebrations call for dressing up. Here's how to make that happen without meltdowns.

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