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Kids' Fashion Spotlight10

Spring Dressing

Monday March 31, 2014

molo-bird-print-top.jpgIf your girl is looking for a fresh style this spring, she's in luck. Trends this season aren't just lighter, they are also louder, from bold tropical themes to silhouette changes like flutter sleeves.

After a long winter, such dramatic changes are welcome, but the transition between seasons can be tricky to navigate. If spring is only marked by the calendar where you are, and most kids are still sporting a fleece and boots every day, your girl may want to ease into SS14 styles subtly, opting for transitional pieces or layering her lightweight spring items under winter standards.


Spring/Summer 2014 Kids Trends

Saturday March 1, 2014

feiyue-delta-mid-kid-x-milk-on-the-rock-leopard-.jpgThe top trends for Spring/Summer 2014 are delightful. The season is bright, playful, and a bit dreamy, with an eye toward the tropics and a peek into the jungle. As ever, nautical themes offer a classic alternative, and this year there is a touch of whimsy and the unexpected among the selection.

We begin our ode to spring with a focus on footwear, taking a closer look at the season's fabulous flats, sandals, and sneakers. From construction to customization, there is an abundance of novelty across the SS14 collections, and many pairs qualify as wearable art. Sneakers are a particular standout, with details including a snow leopard tongue and star shaped air holes.



Clean Closets Are Cool

Saturday February 1, 2014

canvas-tall-bin-skull-print.jpgCall me what you will, but I look forward to spring cleaning each year. Well, I don't have so much love for the dusting and scrubbing part. Organizing, though, is rewarding, especially when it comes to kids' spaces. One focus is the closet, where a little effort goes a long way.

I find that the closets need an annual refresher. Kids grow fast and their reach, capabilities, and needs change. Now that my youngest is more capable, I am switching up her routine a bit, with new labels and closet dividers to help her find what she's looking for and put clothes back where they belong.

Is your kid's closet in need of an update? I've found some great organizational gear with style and substance.

Transitional Dresses

Saturday February 1, 2014

paloma-paintbrush-dress.jpgMy daughter tends to tire of her winter wardrobe well before the snow thaws, and I can relate. After months of gray and long pants, we're both ready for a little variety. It's time for a new dress.

As spring draws nearer, we begin easing away from woolens and toward lighter fabrics and colors. In the beginning, the lightness is subdued by layers of coats, scarves and leggings. As the weather warms, the layers disappear, and the dresses become our go-tos throughout the summer.

Looking to lighten up your girl's wardrobe? From feminine party frocks to breezy beachy styles, I've rounded up some of my favorites.

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