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Design Your Own Kids' Clothes


Remember the days when customized clothing only came from airbrush kiosks at the beach or play dates with puff paint and a bedazzler? While souvenir tees and crafty fashion aren't for everyone, sleek, technology-facilitated customization has universal appeal.


In addition to being a fun conversation starter, customized clothing encourages creativity and self expression. These lines allow for different levels of customer interaction, from cosmetic personalization to blank garments kids can design entirely on their own.

1. Psychobaby Custom Shop

© Psychobaby
Psychobaby's Custom Shop lets you personalize a wide range of kids' clothing and accessories. Customization options range from colors and logos to initials, names and phrases.


Pair your girl's initial in a favorite color with a fitting icon in the "Magical Monograms Tee," to read "L is for Lauren" (who may love cupcakes or guitar) or gear her up for the softball season with "P is for Panthers" and a heart-shaped baseball.


Urban kids will appreciate the uber-cool "Tiny Tunes DJ" shirt and "My First Tattoo" hoodie, and the "Nameasaurus Rex" tee is sure to become the favorite top for dinosaur lovers.


The personalization is top-quality. Fonts are thematic, and lettering is centered and well integrated with the design. Hoodies run small, so size up when ordering. Tees are true-to-size and pre-shrunk.

2. Converse

© Converse
The Design Your Own option from Converse appeals to boys and girls of all ages. Kids can customize their shoes from the inside out, literally. Designers are able to choose between several sneaker styles and multiple colors and prints, from the lining to the laces.


From classic low and high-top Chuck Taylors to variations like the Multi Tongue Youth Ox and the bold Glow colorway, design-happy kids will have fun sampling combinations and saving a full collection of looks.

3. FashionPlaytes

© FashionPlaytes
FashionPlaytes lets girls design their own clothing and accessories online. Designers begin the design process by choosing a basic piece to customize, from circle tops to yoga pants. There are 25 shirt styles alone!


Once your girl has decided what garment to focus on, she can move on to color and embellishments, from peace signs, flowers and words to seasonal icons. She can even design a custom tag to advertise her talents.


With hundreds of design options and several placement considerations, the design studio is captivating. Young designers can save virtual looks for free, or bring them to life with a purchase. In addition to clothing, she can pick up some tangible tools of the trade, like an instructional sketchbook and a cross body bag to tote it in so that she'll be ready when inspiration strikes.


If she can't get enough, she can further immerse herself in FP World, where she'll learn about trend forecasting, styling, buying and more.

Note: As of 05/14/14, FPGirl is closed, but RUUM looks to be planning much of the same FP Girl fun, so stay tuned for updates.

4. My Pretty Monsters

© My Pretty Monsters
My Pretty Monsters turns kids' drawings into tote bags and plush "monsters." Founded by a mom as a means of boosting her son's artistic confidence, My Pretty Monsters takes a little creative license in order to create a product with lasting appeal. Custom products are handmade to order in the USA, so let them know if you have color, size, or material preferences.

5. SuperflyKids

© SuperflyKids
What kind of superhero is your kid? Does purple make her feel powerful no matter the challenge? Is he a planet-saving environmentalist? Maybe a lime green and bright blue combo will help him speed through the house in search of dripping faucets and stray recyclables.


With SuperflyKids, it's easy to customize color combinations, emblem shapes, and letters to make the perfect cape.



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