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2012 Kohl's Back-to-School Shopping challenge: $100 for 3 Brothers


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2012 Kohl's Back-to-School Shopping Challenge: $100 for 3 Brothers

Logan in his back-to-school outfit from Kohl's.

Image courtesy of Logan's mom
This back-to-school season, Kohl's and About Kids' Fashion challenged a mom of four to make the most of $100. With fast-growing boys and a toddler to dress as well, Mom has to be a savvy shopper. At Kohl's, she was able to find sturdy and versatile items within her budget.

Nine-year-old identical twins Logan and Shane have similar clothing tastes, but don't want to dress exactly the same.

Logan's Solid Polo and Jeans

Logan chose a 100% cotton pique polo shirt in turquoise. The bright hue is a departure from the many navy blue shirts that seem to fill up the boys' dressers. This shirt replaces an identical one he got at Kohl's earlier in the season. That shirt held its color well enough through many washes; Logan just needed to move up a size.

He paired the shirt with lightly distressed jeans in a size 12, which he'll cuff now and grow into by winter's end. The low rise, relaxed fit, and straight leg look great with any shirt.

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