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Harajuku Lovers Kids' Clothes by Gwen Stefani

Harajuku Lovers Kids' Clothes by Gwen Stefani Available Online


Are you looking for something different in kids' wear? Then why don't you head on over to Harajuku? Harajuku Lovers is a line of clothing by Gwen Stefani for men, women and kids who have "a fatal attraction to cuteness." The collection is heavily influenced by both Stefani's music and modern Japanese culture, particularly the Harajuku district of Tokyo which is the favorite hang out for Japanese artists, fashionistas and hipsters.

Gwen Stefani's popular Harajuku Lovers line is available online in several online stores. The best variety can be found at zappos.com. So grab your trusty mouse "prowl the streets of Harajuku" with the princess of cool, Gwen Stefani in search of hip clothing and accessories. Ride the Tokyo metro, browse the shops, listen to some funky music, hang out with Gwen and her Japanese friends and pick up some totally cool clothes.
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