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Test Drive: See Kai Run--Toddler Shoes

Test Drive: See Kai Run--Toddler Shoes


See Kai Run Toddler Shoes

Test Driver Elijah in his See Kai Run Toddler Shoes

See Kai Run
See Kai Run is a young children's footwear company for young feet, specializing in young walkers shoes and toddler shoes. Though the company is only 5 years old, they've become a big name in kids' footwear. Their styles appeal to kids and parents alike and they are super-flexible to keep kids' feet comfy.

Meet the Test Driver

See Kai Run's 2009's Test Driver was 2-year old Elijah. Elijah Test Drove the See Kai Run Carl Toddler Shoes--(Buy Direct)

First Impressions

See Kai Run Toddler Shoes--Carter

See Kai Run Toddler Shoes--Carter

See Kai Run
Elijah's mom was not familiar with See Kai Run's line of toddler shoes so she was excited to test them out. Before I even sent her the questionnaire, she wrote to me, "Elijah is obsessed with shoes, had to put these on right away and hasn't taken them off since!"

The Comfort Factor

All moms of toddlers know that comfort and support are paramount. When choosing toddler shoes, always check for good support, especially for new walkers and comfort features such as padding, an extra-roomy toe box and an adjustable fit.

Elijah's mom said, "We put these right on a Elijah had no issues walking in them and seems to be comfortable. They are flexible and light and he was able to run around as usual."

Can We Get Some Support Here?

See Kai Run Toddler Shoes--Elise

See Kai Run Toddler Shoes--Elise

See Kai Run
Toddler shoes need to have a good amount of support to keep little feet comfortable. Elijah's mom was very happy with the support provided in the See Kai Run toddler shoes. She reported that she always looks for good supportive shoes for Elijah because she feels that little feet need support when they are busy running, jumping and wrecking havoc.
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