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Test Drive: Lands' End School Backpacks and Lunch Bags

Test Drive: Lands' End School Backpacks and Coordinating Lunchboxes


ClassMate StudyHaul Backpack: School Backpacks

Test Driver Jenna and her Lands' End Kids' Backpack

Lands' End
Lands' End is a long trusted name in is kids' fashion. Their school backpacks are hugely popular with kids and adults alike. Lands' End school backpacks come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and color combinations. How will their kids' backpacks measure up with our Test Drivers?

Meet the Test Drivers

3rd-grader Jenna and 2nd-grader Anakin each Test Drove:
  • The ClassMate StudyHaul Backpack
  • The coordinating Classmate StudyHaul Lunch Box
  • The Specs

    ClassMate StudyHaul Kids' Backpack: School Backpacks

    Test Driver Anakin and his Lands' End Kids' Backpack

    Lands' End
    ClassMate StudyHaul Backpack
    The ClassMate StudyHaul Backpack is 17" x 12" x 7" and is designed for grade schoolers, ages 8-14. It comes in 11 color combinations with lots of choices for girls and boys. It features a removable, organizer pouch, reflective safety trim, MP3/cell phone pocket, glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls and a convenient D-ring to clip on the Lunch Box.

    ClassMate StudyHaul Lunch Box
    The ClassMate StudyHaul Lunch Box perfectly coordinates with the backpack. With an ice pack, the insulation keeps food cold for 5 hours. It has an easy-to clean, leak resistant interior that is PVC free. It's organization features include side mesh pockets for water bottles, and a front pocket for small snacks or lunch money and a clip to easily attach it to the backpack. The Lunch Box also has the reflective, safety accents and glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls.

    First Sight

    Test Driver Anakin's Lands' End backpack came in the Park Green Tie-Dye color combo. He thought that the lime and navy tie-dye was seriously cool. He also liked how light the backpack was. His mom was concerned that the backpack, being so light, was going to be flimsy. She quickly changed her mind after Anakin took his backpack hiking (more on that later).

    Jenna loves purple so she was thrilled to get her ClassMate StudyHaul Backpack in Winter Violet. As soon as she opened the box she exclaimed, "ahhh, cool!"

    The Comfort Factor

    ClassMate StudyHaul Kids' Backpack: School Backpacks

    ClassMate StudyHaul Kids' Backpack

    Lands' End
    Jenna's not the biggest 7-year-old on the planet, but being a 3rd grader means that sometimes she has lots of books, homework, gym clothes and other gear to lug around. Her mom was very happy with the padded straps on the Lands' End backpack, saying that she was sure they would make carrying heavy loads more comfortable for Jenna. However, once the bag was packed full, it was a bit big for Jenna's little back.

    Test Driver Anakin loaded his new backpack up and went on a hiking vacation with his parents. They reported that after a long day of hiking, Anakin's back was still comfortable carrying the backpack. Anakin's mom reported that the straps were sturdy and broad and didn't dig into his shoulders at all.
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