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Test Drive: Eleven Kids' Shoes

Kids' Fashion Test Drive 2009: Eleven Shoes for Girls and Boys


Caper Shoes by Eleven Shoes: Kids Shoes

Test Driver Spencer in his Eleven Shoes

Eleven Shoes
Eleven is the sister company to the successful toddler shoe line, See Kai Run. Eleven shoes are designed for kids 3-8. All of their shoes strive to be flexible and comfortable while maintaining high style.

Eleven had two Test Drivers, 6-year-old Spencer and 7-year-old Hadleigh. Neither of the Test Drivers had ever tried Eleven shoes before. What did they think?

The Comfort Factor

Both Spencer and Hadleigh said their new shoes were super comfy. Spencer's mom reported that the Caper shoes have wide toe box and comfortable padding around the heel. Spencer was comfortable in his Eleven shoes from day one. His mom appreciated that the shoes didn't require any time to break them in.

Hadleigh said that her Josie Shoes aren't just comfortable, they are "SO comfortable."

Easy On-Easy Off

Josie Shoes by Eleven Shoes: Kids Shoes

Test Driver Hadleigh in her Eleven Shoes

Eleven Shoes
All moms of young school-aged kids know that kids' shoes need to be easy on-easy off. Busy kids don't have time to fiddle with complicated buckles and straps, especially when they have to be independent in grade school.

Spencer's mom said that this is the most important factor when buying Spencer's shoes. She said, "These are amazing! With Spencer going off to kindergarten this year and having P.E. twice a week, I really need for his shoes to be easy for him to manage and these sure are. Two thumbs up!"

The Style Report

I was impressed to see that both of the Test Drivers' moms were most impressed by how stylish these shoes were even though they were velcro-closure shoes.

Hadleigh's mom reported, "They are really cute, and she loves them!They strap with a velcro strap, which looks stylish and not babyish like some velcro shoes."

Spencer's mom said, "I love velcro shoes but usually hate the way they look. These are velcro (but have some little fake laces just for effect) and they open up nice and wide for him to insert his foot."

Hadleigh loved the cool color combo of hot pink and brown. And Spencer's mom commented on the color of the shoes, saying that they will go well with a boy's wardrobe and that the orange stitching and nubuck gave the shoes some extra style.

Price Points

The Josie Shoe by Eleven Shoes

Back to School Kids' Shoes: Josie by Eleven

Eleven Shoes
Most Eleven shoes run from $30-$50. Both of the Test Drivers' moms agreed that this is a good price point for the shoes.

Hadleigh's mom said, "They are adorable, and I would buy them if I saw them in the store. I would definitely recommend them to a friend. The shoe box was really cute too, which I liked. They enclosed some info on their sizing and other shoes from their line. I would say it's a great shoe!"
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