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Summer Essentials for Boys


Are you ready for summer? How about your kids? It's time to get the summer wear essentials like summer shoes, shorts, tees, play clothes and more. What to get? Where should you get it?

1. Shorts

Summer Fashions for Boys
The number one, must have item for boys this summer (and every summer) is shorts. Boys just can't live without them from May until September. Not until school starts up again in the fall will you find most boys in long pants again.

2. Shirts: T-shirts, Polos and Button Down Shirts for Boys

Summer Fashions for Boys
Keep him looking cool all summer long in the most in-style shirts for boys this season. As always, dressing kids in accordance with their personalities is a guaranteed way to make them look their best. So find out which types of shirts are cool for boys this season, and search for them in his favorite colors and patterns.

3. Summer Shoes

Summer Fashions for Boys
If you feel like the malls and department stores in your area carry nothing but dull styles and silly character wear for boys, then look no further. I've found 10 excellent pairs of warm weather boys' shoes that are sure to impress.
No matter what you are looking for, from high performance all-terrain sandals to elegant suede and leather Polo flip flops, it's all online and widely available. So skip the mall and check out these super shoes for boys.

4. Swimwear for Boys

Summer Fashions for Boys
Building sand castles, burying friends in the sand, going for a dip or running through the sprinkler, it's all fun! So, why get boring swimwear and accessories?

5. Fun Kids' Accessories

Summer Fashions for Boys
Baby Banz
Kids are bright, spunky, funny, funky, sweet, adorable and so much more, so why dress them in boring outfits? From a new take on traditional Japanese Tabi socks, to whimsical cell phone carriers, kids accessories are fun, fun, fun. Let your kids wear accessories that show off their fun-loving and groovy personalities and make their outfits inspiring.
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