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Rock His Wardrobe

Fall and Winter Clothes for Boys: Boys' Fashion Trends for Fall 2011


Rock on kid, in some of the coolest boys' fashion around. The Rock It Look for boys is still going strong. It's easy to find rocking fashions for boys. Look for boys' clothes that feature tons of cool graphics like guitars, rock stars, skulls and more.

What He'll Need for the Look

Rock Inspired Tees

Metal Mulisha Kids Dim Tee

Rock inspired kids' fashion is a huge trend that is certainly not going away this season. You're sure to see lots of little rockers showing off their cool duds all year long. The staple for the rock look, is a cool tee. From reproduction concert tees to tongue-and-cheek rock parody tees and everything in between, kids' rock tees are everywhere. So, in the spirit of rock and roll excess, he'll be spoiled with choices!

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Original Jeans from Gap Kids: Get the Rock Look for Boys
The Rock It Boy needs a pair of super cool jeans. Choose a pair of worn-in jeans, distressed jeans with small rips, holes and other imperfections. For a more punk rock look, go with a pair of dark denim jeans with a straight leg and don't forget to cuff them for a super-cool 2010 look.

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Jacket or other Layering Piece

True Religion Kids Boys' QT Horseshoe Hoodie
Kids' fashion is all about layers, and kids everywhere love jackets, hoodies, zippies and other functional and fashionable layering pieces. For the Rock It Kid, bypass the standard logo hoody and choose something that really has an edge to it. Or forget the hoody and choose an awesome military inspired jacket. For a punk-meets-prep look, try to find a fitted black blazer and push the sleeves up to 3/4 length.

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Funky Boots or Shoes

Ugg Kids Cowen Boots
For the Rock It Look, traditional Chuck Taylor All-Stars are always in fashion. Or, get stomping in some rocking boots.

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