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Summer Shirts for Boys

T-shirts, Polos and Short Sleeved Button Down Shirts for Boys


Graphic Polo

Retro Inspired Graphic Polo

Keep him looking cool all summer long in the most in-style shirts for boys this season. As always, dressing kids in accordance with their personalities is a guaranteed way to make them look their best. So find out which types of shirts are cool for boys this season, and search for them in his favorite colors and patterns.

What tops are in-style this season?

This summer, we will mostly see three basic types of shirts for boys; t-shirts, polos and short sleeved button down shirts. Sounds boring, right? Wrong! Though these shirts seem basic, they come in an infinite variety of colors and styles. And, all three can be mixed and matched with one another to create a new looks everyday.


Boys love their t-shirts. I mean, they really love them. What tees are cool for boys this year? It all depends on his personal style. Is he a too-cool kid? A wanna-be rock star? A sports fan? No matter what his style is, there are plenty of t-shirts and other shirts out there for him to enjoy and wear.

Plain Tees
Plain tees in solid colors are great staples that go with anything and make excellent layering pieces. But plain doesn't have to mean boring, look for basic tees with a touch of flair such as raglan tees, ringer tees, yoke tees, football tees and tanks.

Graphic Tees
The most in-demand tees for boys feature lots of color and graphic images. Almost any graphic will do, but the most popular graphics for boys include, vintage inspired graphics, sports' themes, logo tees, surfer inspired graphics, skateboarding inspired looks, and funny sayings or jokes.

Striped Tees
I'm pretty sure that striped tees for boys are in style every year, all year round. However this season, stripes in general are everywhere, so we'll see even more striped tees for boys this year than in the past.


Polos come in a wide variety of fashions, all of which look totally stylish this season. Look for polos in the following styles:

Traditional Polos
This season, go preppy with polos. Choose a Lacotse or Ralph Lauren polo for a classic look, or hit the department stores and pick up a bargain brand with just as much style.

Striped Polos
Like I said, you can't escape stripes this year. Striping gives polos a more interesting look. Depending on the pattern of the stripes and the color scheme, a striped polo can have a nautical feel to it or even give it a vintage casual look. Choose striped polos in bright colors for a fun summer look.

Vintage Inspired Polos
The vintage casual look for boys is still going strong. If he wants that vintage look, choose a polo that features a vintage inspired graphic. Also popular are striped polos that use retro sports' numbers or graphics.

Short Sleeved Button Down Shirts

These classic shirts look great on their own or layered over a tee. They come in an unimaginable variety of colors and patterns. And, they can easily dress up or down. Triple good!

What button downs are in style this year?
Anything goes! So have fun with his button downs and infuse his wardrobe with some style. Choose from:
  • Basic Solids
  • Patchwork Plaids
  • Stripes
  • Color Blocks
  • Varsity Emblems and Numbers
  • Hawaiian Prints
  • Vintage Inspired Prints
  • Vintage Inspired Solids
  • Floral Prints (yes, boys can wear floral)
  • And any other print you find
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