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Get The Look for Back to School 2010: It's a Plaid, Plaid World

Girls' Back to School Clothes: It's a Plaid, Plaid World


This look is a must-have for Back to School 2010. This is an easy, trendy outfit that's perfect for school. It's cool, it's casual, it's super-trendy and it's adorable.

What She'll Need for the Look

1. Long Plaid Shirt

Back to School Clothes for Girls

These long, plaid tops are everywhere this year and for good reason, they're super cute and look fabulous with this year's must-have of all must-haves, jeggings.

For extra fun and flair, go for fitted tops with feminine details such as ruffles, gathering, tulle underlay and more.

Buy Direct: Pretty Plaid Pintucked Shirt at 77kids.com

2. Jeggings

Back to School Clothes for Girls

No doubt about it. Girls of all ages will be begging for a pair. What are jeggings? Jeggings are a hybrid of jeans and leggings. Wear them with tunics, long tanks and coordinating asymmetrical vests, long tees and cardigan wraps and much more. These versatile bottoms with be everywhere for Fall 2010

Buy Direct: Juicy Couture Denim Leggings from nordstrom.com

3. Leather Belt

Back to School Clothes for Girls

Sinch the waist of her adorable plaid top with a genuine leather belt. Choose a classic leather belt for a subtle accent or get ultra-trendy with a patterned belt worn tight at the waistline.

Buy Direct: Glam Belt at thechildrensplace.com

4. Flat Shoes

Back to School Clothes for Girls

Finish her totally stylish look off with a pair of flat shoes. Choose from embellished flats, athletic inspired mary janes, ballet flats or an always-cool pair of Converse Chuck Taylor Lows.

Buy Direct: Kenneth Cole Reaction Kids Show The Bay at zappos.com

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