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Trends for Girls: Anna's Girls' Fashion Must-Haves 2011

Anna's Favorite Girls Fashions for Fall 2011


Nine-year-old Anna is a self described nerdy-fashionista who loves fashion, reading and writing. Her fashion hero is Selena Gomez. Her favorite color is purple and enjoys coming up with her own look. 

1. Anna's Picks--2011's Kids' Fashion Trends: etnies Kids RVM Vulc

Kids' Fashion Trends: etnies Kids RVM Vulc
M. Kouzmine

Anna says: 

As soon as I got these shoes, I couldn't wait to put them on. The are so cool! I'm crazy over the bright colors and the super-funky, chunky look of these etnies. I wear them all the time, with my workout clothes, with jeans, with shorts. I even wore them with a denim skirt and a neon tee. Whenever I wear these shoes, my friends comment on them.

2. Anna's Picks--Kids' Fashion Trends: Fashion Playtes Dress

2011's Fashion Trends for Girls: Anna in the dress she designed at Fashion Playtes
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Fashion Playtes is an amazing line of design-it-yourself girls' fashion. Here's how it works. Go to their website and choose a garment. Use their easy-to-use interactive tool to add graphic designs, crystals, lace, ruffles and more to come up with your own unique design. Fashion Playtes will send you the finished product. Here's what Anna had to say:

I designed this dress at Fashion Playtes. I think it is cool because I got to design it all by myself. Fasion Playtes is a great site and has a lot of choices and is always just how you want it. It was fun and very easy to do. On Fashion Playtes it is possible to make shirts, pants, dress and even maching stuff for your dolls, and much more. So fun and interesting!

3. Anna's Picks--Kids' Fashion Trends: Mabel's Lables

2011's Fashion Trends for Girls: Mabel's Labels
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Mabel's Lables are the best personalized kids' labels on the market--hands down. They honestly stay put where you put them and don't wash off in the washing machine or dishwasher. They stick on right out of the box and don't need to be ironed on or sewn in. Just peel, stick--done! Anna said: 

I love Mabel's Labels! I think its a swell idea and is good for backpacks, pencils lunchboxs and more. Nothing will be lost and you even get to pick the design or like me I got a suprise.I think that it is great for in the classroom and will keep everything nice and neat. I like to have all of my stuff labeled with my name on it because I tend to lose things! I like how Mabel's Lables has a lot of designs for older kids and younger kids too.

4. Anna's Picks-Kids' Fashion Trends: Justice Tie-Dye Initial Glitter Backpack

2011's Fashion Trends for Girls: Justice Initial Backpack
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Like most kids her age, Anna can't walk past a Justic store without wandering in. It must be all the glitter that pulls tween girls in like flies to honey! For B2S 2011, Anna chose this tie-dyed, glittery backpack, lunch box and notebook with her initial on it. She said:

I got a Justice matching lunch and backpack. I like it because it had all my favorite colors purple, blue and pink! It even had an A on it for Anna! The backpack is the perfect size and very comfortable to wear. I really love this glitter tye-die pattern, and I can't wait to carry it for the first day of school.

5. Anna's Picks--Kids' Fashion Trends: No Slippy Hair Clippy

2011's Fashion Trends for Girls: No Slippy Hair Clippy
Image courtesy of selenagomez.com

No Slippy Hair Clippy Clips are the best hair clips around and they really do stay in. A lot of people think of them as a line of baby and toddler clips, but they make great hair clips for girls of all ages. Anna says:

I love these hair clips and we have tons of them so I can always find one that will match my outfit. Even if you are having a bad hair day, you can just pull your hair back with a No Slippy Hair Clippy and you are good to go. I wore one to meet Selena Gomez. I think she like it!

Take 10% your order at hairclippy.com with the promo code ABT622

6. Anna's Picks--Kids' Fashion Trends: Vineyard Vines Zip Cardigan

2011's Fashion Trends for Girls: Vineyard Vines Zipped Hoody
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Every kid needs a go-to hoody for school. Anna's choice this year is this adorable, soft and comfortable knitted zipped cardigan from Vineyard Vines. Anna says:

I love to wear zippies and hoodies and I always have one in my backpack in case it gets chilly during playtime. I really like this one from Vineyard Vines. It's not too plain because of the stripes, but it still goes with everything in my closet. It's soft and snuggly and I think it looks great!

7. Anna's Picks--Kids' Fashion Trends: Little MissMatched Socks

2011's Fashion Trends for Girls: Little MissMatched Socks
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Little MissMatched is one of the most fun lines of girls' clothes out there. My daughter both love them! Anna said:

Little MissMatched is a cool and super-fashionable company. I especially love their great socks. These socks are interesting, because most of them have stripes and polka dots so you could have one blue and green striped sock when the other on is purple and pink polka dots. It may sound weird but it is very fashionable! Ok, maybe it's more weird to make a jump rope out of their socks like I did, but it sure was fun!

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