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Get the Look: Back to Preschool and Cute as a Doll


Get the Look: Back to Preschool and Cute as a Doll
Back to Preschool Toddler Fashions by Tea Collection and Toddler Backpack by Pottery Barn Kids

Gracie in her Back to Preschool Look by Tea Collection and Pottery Barn Kids

Heather Knoske
Gracie's ready for preschool and looking adorable. This outfit by Tea Collection is totally cute and comfortable too. Gracie loved the striped skirt and cozy long-sleeved tee by Tea Collection. Her floral, hair clip from No Slippy Hair Clippy coordinated perfectly with her outfit and stayed put to keep her gorgeous, curly locks in place.

Gracie's brown and pink, Pottery Barn Kids toddler backpack is the perfect size for a preschooler. It fits comfortably on her back so she loves to wear it and it fits her snacks, toys and anything else she need for a tough day of preschool.

Get the Look **Take 10% your order at hairclippy.com with the promo code ABT622
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