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Footwear, Outerwear and Accessories for Boys

Get the scoop on the best footwear, outerwear and accessories for boys.

Boots and High-Tops for Boys
Cold weather shoes for boys, from desert boots to rain boots to hip high-tops.

Fun Rain Boots for Girls and Boys
Perfect for puddling jumping, rain boots keep kids' feet dry in style. This year, rain boots are more popular than ever and come in an array of fun colors and designs that kids and parents adore. So go ahead, tuck their jeans into their rain boots, and let them puddle-jump all the way to school.

Rain Coats for Girls and Boys
Don't let April showers get your kids all wet! Dress them for the weather, and in spring, this often means dressing them in their handy rain coats. I've found 10 great rain coats for kids, so you're sure to find one that fits your kids' needs and personal styles.

Top 10 Boys' Athletic Shoes for Casual Wear
What are the best tennis shoes for boys to wear as casual shoes? Whether you call them sneakers or tennis shoes, athletic footwear for boys is hot again this year. From Adidas to Vans, to everything in between, these are the hottest shoes for boys this year.

Top 8 Uggs for Kids
Uggs! They keep feet incredibly warm even when the temperature drops well below zero, and they amazingly don't overheat little feet when indoors. Kids love Uggs because they are very comfortable, and because they are so easy to pull on and off.

The Best Looks in Boys’ Outerwear
Layers, layers and more layers are what you need to keep your boy warm and looking cool this season. Boys' outerwear this year is fun and interesting.

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