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Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Collection of Backpacks and Lunch Bags


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Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Backpacks and Lunch Bags
The Best Backpacks for Kids for Back to School 2011

First-Grader Maddie with her Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Backpack and Lunchbag

M. Kouzmine
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First-grader, Maddie, tested out the Pottery Barn Kids Large Backpack and lunch bag. This is their standard sized backpack and is the best choice for most gradeschoolers. It is one of the most popular choices for back to school backpacks year after year, and usually gets great reviews from parents. Let's see how Maddie and her mom rated the Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Backpack:
  • Size: Maddie's mom wrote that Maddie's new back to school backpack by Pottery Barn Kids is the perfect size. She said Maddie easily could fit all of her school supplies, books and more in the main compartment and she was very happy with the organizational compartments as well, stating that the backpack can fit tons of stuff in it. As with the other moms, she also really liked how the Pottery Barn Kids' lunch bag attached to the outside of Maddie's backpack, saving room for supplies and gear.
  • Comfort: Mom reported that Maddie's backpack was very comfortable to carry. She said both she and Maddie were imposed with the padded shoulder straps and padded back pad. So far, Maddie hasn't complained at all about the straps digging on or the weight on her back even though the carry load to and from school in first grade is a lot more demanding than in Kindergarten.
  • Quality: Maddie's mom mentioned that she had been wanting to try a Pottery Barn Kids' backpack for some time. She said that last year, Maddie had a different kids' backpack, from a different brand and it did not last the entire year. She said based on how well it has lasted a summer's worth of testing, and how well the backpack is made, she is confident that this backpack will hold up until the end of the school year.
  • Style: "Very cute!" She and Maddie mixed and matched the backpack and lunch bag with a pattern the coordinated well but didn't match exactly and it looks great. Both Mom and Maddie love the look and style of Maddie's Pottery Barn Kids' Backpack. Maddie's mom said that she sees a lot of kids backpacks in the mall that look childish, but "not in a good way," and she said the Pottery Barn Kids backpacks still look a kids' backpack but far more stylish.
  • Downsides: Mom said, so far neither she nor Maddie have any complaints, but will keep us updated as the school year progresses.
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