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Tween Underwear and Bras


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The preteen years can be awkward for girls, but a little preparation can smooth the way. From gym class to sleepovers, cute undies can make public changing less uncomfortable.

When shopping for your tween, look for underpants that meet the following criteria:

  • Well-Fitting

    Be sure that underwear will fit well, especially with clothes your girl wears often.

    Some high-waisted panties come up to the chest on small-framed girls. Other styles may have narrow leg openings that constrict fuller body types. Sagging can bunch uncomfortably.

  • Suited to Her Style

    Does she want to don polka dots right down to the undies? Like playful socks, sometimes a cheery print underneath adds to the fun of getting dressed.

    Other girls might prioritize the minimization of visible panty lines, which can draw attention to areas they'd rather not highlight. In that case, look for seamless styles and cuts that work with your girls' clothes. Boy shorts often blend well.

  • Cotton

    Breathable, natural fibers are best for health reasons.

  • Dark or Patterned

    Newly menstruating girls are often surprised by unpredictable periods. A little camouflage can make accidents less distressing.

Tween Girls' Underwear Styles to Consider:

Undershirt Styles to Consider:

Thin tops provide an extra layer of modesty for girls concerned about shirts riding up or pants creeping down. They are also great for girls who don't yet need a bra but do want more concealment.

Try a few different styles to see which best suits your girl's shape and needs.

Tween Bra Considerations

Bras can be awkward and take some getting used to. Consider easing the transition by giving your daughter a couple of training bras before they are really necessary. The added layer can provide modesty now, as well as camouflage and protection when it’s needed.

When the time comes for more support, let your daughter try on a few different styles to determine which suits her lifestyle and clothing preferences and makes her the most comfortable.

Best Bras for Tween Priorities:

  • Minimize Bra Lines: nude bralette

  • Minimize Nipple Irritation: cotton soft cup bra

  • Reduce Bounce: sports bra

  • Minimize Appearance of Asymmetrical Development: adjustable straps and removable pads

  • Resemble a Camisole: half cami or scoop neck bralette

  • Act as an Accessory: colorful bralette or sports bra

  • Reduce Nipple Protrusion: soft cup bra or lightly padded bra

Regardless of style, be sure to shop for the right fit. Teach your daughter how to measure herself for a bra, and remind her that a well-fitting bra should stay comfortably in place. Most beginners have an easier time with pull-on bras.

Bra Styles to Consider:

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