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Fashionable Gifts for Stylish Girls

High-End Girls' Fashion


Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts

Holiday Gifts for Girls
Kaiya Eve

The Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts are the original and often imitated pettiskirts for infants, toddlers, girls and even tweens. They enjoy a near cult following with fashionistas and celebrities. All Kaiya Eve's soft, fluffy, billowing skirts are beautifully crafted in America. Choose from tons of different colors including two toned and rainbow pettiskirts. Kaiya Eve skirts are made with an extra stretchy waistband so she can continue to wear and cherish her pettiskirt for years to come.

Crystal Encrusted Converse Shoes

Christmas gifts for girls

Bling-a-ding-ding! These crystal encrusted Converse shoes are irresistible and would make an unexpected, luxurious gift for the fashionable little girl in your life.

My Twinn Doll and My Twinn Fashions for Girls and Their Dolls

Gifts for Girls: My Twinn Doll and Matching Holiday Dresses

My Twinn offers lots of fashionable looks for girls and their My Twinn Dolls, taking playing dress up to a whole new level. They've thought of everything from hang-out clothes to holiday fashions. She can even get accessories to perfectly match her beloved doll. And best of all, not only do the clothes match beautifully with the dolls' clothing, but they are durable and adorable.
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