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Whitney  Ferrall

Whitney Ferrall

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Whitney Ferrall had a signature accessory at age five, began working in fashion at ten, and never looked back.


Whitney's passion for fashion began in her own childhood, when she picked up professional tips as a model for the prestigious FORD agency. She learned to appreciate the power of styling, and took notice as fashion stylists made ill-fitting clothes flatter and turned everyday articles into unique looks.

Years later Whitney put these tips to work as a personal stylist, helping clients put together looks that fit their features, personalities and lifestyles. Whether coordinating a family photo shoot or guiding parents through the ins and outs of back to school shopping, she seeks to empower individuals to develop their own style. Whitney's skills are tested daily by her three school-aged kids.

By Whitney Ferrall:

About Kids’ Fashion will help you and your kids have fun with fashion. I’ll show you how to pull everything together, from encouraging your kids to wear styles that are at once expressive, practical and respectful, to shopping for clothes that suit your budget and values.

Designers, stores and website owners should contact me directly via email. If you are interested in setting up a Kids' Fashion Test Drive for your products, email me at kidsfashion@aboutguide.com and include the words "Test Drive" in the subject line.

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