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Readers Respond: Do You Think it's Harder to Find Fashionable Clothes for Boys than for Girls?

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Boys' clothes are getting cooler all the time, but is it enough? Moms of boys are always writing to me complaining that boys' clothes tend to be less interesting than girls' clothes. Do you agree?

There is a double standard

My brother in Germany has no problem find clothes for boy, However here in the Good ole USA were have made it a standard that Girls seem to require more, the film industry has made it that way. Boys are going to have to wait until an image change has come to american. And girls need to understand they dont have to look like hollywood. Cheap and unclothed.
—Guest Richard

its really difficult

it is really not easy to find out such a piece that fits and in whicih we totally feel comfortable. hence there should be such designs and also in reasonable prices
—Guest 2468

I Agree as a Retailer and as a Mom

I have a small retail store in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada and I have to agree how much harder it is to find boys clothes. I also have a toddler boy, so I can relate. Affordably is also very important. I am always on the look out though ... feel free to share your suggestions with us on facebook as Runwayz Boutique Medicine Hat. 3 brands that we carry in our store that do offer some cute boys items are Lots of Knots Hats, Sozo, and Mudpie. Check it out. Watch for our website launch soon which will be www.runwayzboutique.com Great topic by the way!
—Guest Runwayz Boutique

Mad as hell

You know when you go clothes shopping and get depressed because nothing fits you right or you feel fat? You end up leaving the store with a low self esteem. THAT'S how I feel when I go store to store and can't find fashionable clothes for my sons. It's not fair and something needs to be done. It's not fair and I hate it.
—Guest Jill

Yes it is... but that's changing

Yes, it's true but there are companies out there trying to change that. I recently had a son and had the same problem - everything was the same and boring. Because of this I started mini BOYtique which is dedicated to accessories for boys. We have a line of toques and are currently working on adding more styles, knitted hats and other cool accessories. Check us out on fb and tell us know you want to see for your little guy and we will work on making it happen: facebook.com/miniBOYtique!
—Guest mini BOYtique


I thing every thing for girls is easy but for boys are hard,diffeclt steyles
—Guest mohammed

We Need more Extended Size ranges!

I know I'm not the only parent with a husky little boy. I know I'm not the only one who wants to dress him well, either! I was really disappointed when I went school shopping this year! Our Old Navy had only blue jeans in husky sizes, and my son couldn't wear ANY of their cute pants, only their blue jeans. The only place that has impressed us so far this year is JCPenney. The had some cute stuff and good deals. It seems like it gets harder and harder to find what few cute boy fashions there are in a husky size! Most children don't fit into the 'cookie cutter' kids clothes sizes sold anyways. You'd think the stores would catch on!

boys clothes are harder to find than gir

i believe it depends on individuals and wre u shop and style. i have a 4year old boy and his very trendy and fashionable before use to think girls got more clothes but its all about being creative and re you shop. u can go primark or selfridges and if you got creative style n trendy you wont find it harder.you can put a boy in a jean and tshirt and he will be lukin gud as its all about the details of jeans esp and creativeness of how its worn.
—Guest ria

Please more boys fashions

I begin scouring the internet and racks at least two months before any occasion. I get to the stores and there's nothing but grunge wear, which if I were to stop there, given they even had the size I need left, would definately earn the dissaproving looks from my parents in law, during school picture dispersal time. The blue blazer and Khaki pants are fine, but are Oh so boring, given my six year old wears uniforms everyday and how would you like to show up for picture day and every boy is wearing the same outfit and the only thing different in all those pictures are the ties, unless he's wearing the grunge. I am all for putting a hoody under it, but that get's hot and he'd lose the blazer before the picture was taken. I'd love to be able to buy a cool tweed blazer, purple checked button down and true religion jeans, topped by a tweed military camp, but it's taken me a month to even find 70% of that outfit. However, if he were a girl I could walk amid the hundreds of racks!
—Guest classicwithatwist


yes,i agree that girls have much more fashionable clouths then boys does.
—Guest puran

joo de svårt

när man inte har så mycket affär jag söker bar speciella mode kläder flickor har nog mer men he finns för pojkar med de svårt att hitta efter som de vanliga kläder finns mer av men vem tycker de ä kul att alltid gå i sama kläder som di affärer själjär när man kan gå i i såna kläder som är dyrare å svårare att få tag i å bättre matrial om nån har nå bra tips kan ni säga åt mig (= tack
—Guest sam

clothes for boys

there is a wide variety of clothes for boys as well, here in india, every you 'll find 4 out of every 10 stores devoted to boys wear with marvelous collection
—Guest Am

boys clothes

i think it is harder to find fashionable boys clothes than girls

where to find cute boys clothes

If you don't have one on your city go online and find the nearest one because they do have online shopping available. Kohl's offers nice reasonably priced clothing in casual, dressy, and sporty styles for young boys of all ages. You will be pleasantly suprised at how much they cost and how they look. They also have great deals on shoes. If you haven't already, go to their website and sign up for email alerts and they will send you an email everytime they have sales and money saving coupons to use also when you shop instore or online.

Enough of the skulls!

Why does EVERY clothing line found in places stores that I can actually afford have to put skulls on EVERYTHING?!?!? Even my 12 year old son can't stand it. I find them to be vulgar he just finds them completely lame... as well as the flaming guitars, dirt bikes, skate boards etc... you get the idea. Once you rule those out your left with green and blue striped or plaid polo shirts or tees. I was hoping that this was just a trend that would go away but I've been looking at the styles and colors for at least 3 years. It's like they're just recycling the same boring and unimaginative junk year after year.
—Guest Erin

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