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Readers Respond: Do You Let Your Tween Daughter Wear Bikinis?

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Do you let your tween daughter wear bikinis? At what age do you think it's appropriate for girls to wear bikinis?

I certainly wouldn't want to!

I had a great middle school experience, lot's of friends, crazy teachers, fun activities, and a few crushes too, but wearing a skimpy bikini, makeup, and other things to try and look "sexy" was the farthest thing from my mind. I don't understand this behavior from my younger cousins and little foster sister; this wanting desperately to grow up and act older than they actually are. I have already gotten a leg up on that whole growing up thing, and I have to say, it's NOT so great. You have to pay bills, choose your work over fun things, and every thing you do has big consequences. Why do these girls want to give up the best, fun, and silly part of their childhood to pretend to be more mature than they are?? It's not worth it. Anyways, if any of you see a young woman following around two middle-school girls in two-pieces at the lake and trying to cover them up with a towel... It's probably me.
—Guest Confused

Swimming is swimming

I don't get why everyone wants to wear a bikini. You can find one pieces that are just as cute. If you are seven and under it might be ok to wear a bikini because you don't have anything to show. But when you are around 8 and u start to "mature" it's just showing off. And weather you have to wear a one piece or not, swimming is swimming, It really shouldn't matter what you wear.
—Guest Dancelove

From a Mom

Anyways, I am just saying to all those moms who dont let their daughters wear bikinis, stop and think. You aren't fooling everyone. If the reason she can't wear them is because you are wearing the ones kent for teens her age: heads up. Jus cuz it's neon pink doesn't mean it flatters your hernia/saggy breasts/wrinkles/popping veins. We know you would be outshone by her. So save yourself the shame and find somthing that fits you, while getting her what she wants!!! - From a mom of three in Tennessee (sorry about the mildly profane description of the effects of aging on women)
—Guest Mom of 3

Mom of 3

Well honestly people (this is directed to the "adults"), can't we just grow up a bit? Wait. No. We can't. Because, please be honest when you say you aren't not letting your daughter wear one because she is too young. The sad thing is, some mothers are being honest when they say that. Their daughters are too young. Not to mention beautiful, developing and at the prime points of their lives. They're not too young. YOU ARE SCARED OF BEING TOO OLD. Has no one heard of aging with grace? So you, responsible mother spends $$$? (lots of cash) on your new bikini and tanning and laser hair treatments and brazillian wax. Ladies, can we put this into perspective PLEASE? You are probably married. So who are you trying to impress? Shouldn't your husband love you already? Or do you need to make your daughter feel ugly just because she is toned and gorgeous, with a life full of new men and probably sex ahead of her that YOU WON'T BE A PART OF? So please, let your daughter shine. (contd. below)
—Guest From a Mom

View point.

I am thirteen. No, I do not wear bikinis. I am not comfortable with the way I look. Yes, some of my friends wear bikinis. No, this is not slutty. People should be able to wear whatever they want, in most circumstances. This does not mean that they should not be modest, cover yourself and still be wholesome, but if the right swim suit for your body type is a certain bikini, then go for it, no matter your age. I know my Grandma can still rock them. I think there are two things to say. Before puberty, you really have nothing to show off anyways, and guys around you want be that interested anyways. After puberty, embrace your body, but if you're only trying to impress a guy, then you should probably just stick with a one piece. If you're looking for something in between, try a monokini, it won't make people think you're a little kid like a tankini, but it's not too revealing either. I perfect medium. =) I hope this helps you all.
—Guest Living in Sunset

Hell ya:)

Ok here is my theory! I'm 13 and both me and my mom think it is perfectly exceptable for any aged girl to wear a bikini! Why u may ask? Well, girls should not need s reason to wear the type of bathing suit they want to wear. My mom thinks it is another way for a girl to express herself in the clothes she wears. obviously if ur daughter is wearing this teeny tiny dental floss of a bathing suit she will sure express herself but not the way u want here to. So make it a mother daughter bonding and take ur daughter to target where the bikinnis are affordable and look great on any age!!!!!!
—Guest Ktqt


I am 13 and I can't. I hate it. Please let her it will only make her angry at you. Please don't make her suffer the way i do!!!!! If she doesn't want to be thankful! But if she does let her!! I always feel awkward and hate to go to swim partys. I dont hate my parents but i am about to just tell them my mind!!(wich is really bad stuff)
—Guest Anonimous


ive worn bikinis since i was 2, and have ever since, if anybodys parents has a problem with it, go out and buy one yourself. its not bad, and your just showing your stomach. everyone has one. NO BIG DEAL
—Guest Sarah

Wish I could!

I think bikinis are really cute, I think some r totally innapropieate though, so u have to be careful. I am 12 and sadly I dont have a bikini body. Im not fat but I'm not skinny. I'm average but my tummy kinda sticks out In a bikini. Also my boobs r bigger then all my freinds so I don't rlly wanna show them off cuz I would need a padded bikini. I think for girls like me wear a tankini!!! One peices stick to ya and show Of ur stomach and boobs just as much as a bikini. Though if ur just a little to chubby U can suck in ur stomach when ir not in the water but ppl can't c ur tummy in the water anyways. Or u can wear a coverup out of the water instead of sucking in. I would so that cept I have to hide my boobs bikini!
—Guest Sophie

I want to grow up

My mom makes me still wear a one piece! Not mad but I think it's unfair because my brothers don't wear anything sometimes!
—Guest So Mad

yes and no

I don't think 7 yr. olds should be wearing them but I guess it is OK for a 13 yr old. I Just don't like the way society has changed and people ate wearing thongs and little triangles.
—Guest Anonymus

Yes! Why not?

I'm 12 years old and my mom thinks all of the bikinis she sees at stores are way too revealing just because they have strings instead of straps, but those are the only ones that fit me. I think tankinis and one pieces look like they are for kids, and they are harder to find with padding. Also they usually don't fit right either. The only swimsuits that fit me are string bikinis though, because thet are smaller in the boob part, and they are much more adustable. i have a lot of trouble finding swimsuit tops, because they either are too big, or my mom thinks that they look slutty. Also it is disgusting when they don't have padding because then you can see through peoples tops.
—Guest Anonymous

Why would you let a girl wear a two piec

Why would you let a girl wear a two piece swim suit? I am a boy whos life got ruined since I don't have a gf. I wish I wasn't born so no one can see me at all.
—Guest Destroyed life


I'm 14 and I agree that younger girls shouldn't be wearing bikinis but I wasn't allowed to wear one until I was 13. But to be honest before then I actually always wanted a tankini I never ever had wanted a bikini because I was so self confident but I choose to wear a ikini with swim short shorts and a bandeau top because I understand what other girls moms say and i wish my mom had told me this stuff because I had to choose not to wear a bikini until I knew I was mature
—Guest Bribri


well i personally dont ike wearing them because i am uncomforatable with my body but i like the style ifyou wish to wear a bikini that is ok as long as you like it. being 11 i am old enough to make those dcisions
—Guest smile

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