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Readers Respond: Do You Let Your Tween Daughter Wear Bikinis?

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soon soon

my mom is going to let my wear one this summer. but i have to wear shorts with it. ps i am 12!
—Guest not puting my name in duh!

same here!!

i recently bought one with my mom...she doesn't really like me wearing them but she wants me 2 fit in. My dad would kill me if he found out i had one tho...he is muslim and super strict on clothes, but since my mom is catholic i can wear more releaving things. i wish i could be allowed to wear wat i want and i wouldnt wear too releaving things like short shorts cuz i think they look slutty. i also want to invite my friends to go to the beach cuz they hav taken me but i dont want to be stuck wearing a tankini when they r wearing a bikini....ughhh


I am 11 and my parents won't let me wear a bikini they think its to showy i guess, but all my friends have 1 its so unfair!
—Guest Why

Why not?

Well honestly, your kids are going to wear them sooner or later, so why not now? I mean you don't see high-schoolers wearing 1 piece, right? Might as well get them comfortable wearing them now, so its not uncomfortable in high-school. Honestyly, I'm a mom with a 12 year old girl and a 13 year old girl, I don't have a problem with them wearing bikins, but they just have to cover themselves properly.
—Guest Guest name

Why not?

I am 11. I honestly don't think their is any thing wrong with it. I guess it just depends on whether or not you want to wear one and if you feel comfortably wearing one. If you are more comfortably wearing a one piece, so be it.
—Guest Sarah


I think tweens should be allowed to wear bikinis. I am 13 years old. My grandmother doesn't approve of bikinis, but times have changed. As long as the girl knows how to carry herself, she should be able to wear them
—Guest Alexis


I don't think it matters I'm 12 and I have always wore bikinis and so has my big sister my parents have no problem with it. In my opinion if a guy or any person for that matter that is a pervert the will look at you no matter what you wear. Yes I'm developed and tall for my age but that doesn't mean I should hide from the rest of the world. Also if you restrict your kids from something stupid(like wearing a bikini) when they get older they will go wild! I like bikinis and will let my kids wear them.
—Guest Tam


I'm 10 And Ive Been Wearing Them Since I Was Like 4 ! I Find Nothing At All Wrong With It . I Wouldnt Hold My Daughter Back Like That .
—Guest BikiniOpinion

What The?!

In my opinion, no, Tweens should not wear bikinis. I mean, it's cute on little toddlers but seriously, where's the modesty? Kids at this age shouldn't be worrying about how they look or if they are 'hot' and 'date-able'. In my opinion, they have either not actually 'developed', or they'll grow up to be a hooker. I don't get why you kids are worried about how thin you are and if it's okay to look fat. I feel self - conscious because I'm fat and I KNOW it. But I still think a one piece is best for developing kids, or at it's worst, a tankini. Over half the people commenting here are kids who wear a bikini already or want to. Hardly any or actually the people this is directed to- unless you have a daughter at age 11. Then that's just wrong.
—Guest No Thanks

Its should be you choice

well i think it should be your choice i used to prefer 1 pice because i tried a bikinni and it just didnt look right ( i had a flat chest) but now i wear bikkinis , soo it depends onn your developmental stage
—Guest ......

Not a problem

I have six girls 14-23 and I honestly have no problem with them wearing bikinis at any age. I think the only thing to be aware of perhaps is how others will see them. If you have a wife that is in great shape and is confident then she will probably feel comfortable in a 2 piece. If your wife is a little heavier, then she probably wouldn't. The same goes for younger women.
—Guest Guest Bob

My personal opinion

Well, I may be only ten years old, but I have put some serious thought into this. I believe that it is about how a girl feels in one. Though a parent does have the right to tell their child what to do, it should be considered what the kid thinks. In fact, just today I was at target with my mum( no I'm not British) and I found a great bikini in juniors.( yes I am developed and tall for my age, so I have to shop in junior's) it was the one swimsuit I've ever felt comfortable in, but my mum said it was too sexualized and showed too much skin. In my opinion, it's about how you wear it. If your really showing yourself off and stuff, she was right, but if you just are wearing it , I see no issue. See, today I felt like my opinion was violated because it was the only swimsuit I've ever found that flatters my figure, yet my mum insists that it is too skimpy.
—Guest M M


I am father, I think I'll feel a embarrassed having my daughter wear one infront of me at any age... But yeah we are from easter part of the world , things are much limbrel in west , If i had been there myself I would not have a problem as everyone else.
—Guest ace


I think bikinis shOw to much and the bottoms don't cover anything! My daughter is 13 and she does not need to be showing that much!
—Guest Meanmom

Well Duh .. Yes

Umm yeah I am 12 and always wore a bikini and it's cute :) A bikini is nice to wear not a prob to wear and i never would wear a 1 piece eww
—Guest Oh Yeahh143

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