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Readers Respond: Do You Let Your Tween Daughter Wear Bikinis?

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in appropriate

children are sexualised far too young, I don't think revealing clothing is appropriate for a child, not under age 16 anyway. i was a thin teenager but I never had the right shape for such a garment as I was lanky and lean ( now an apple shape with middle age) swim in modest garment I would say, I would not be happy about men ogling my young daughter thats for sure.
—Guest Alison


i let my daughter wear string bikinis as long as there double noted wear the strings are and she is good to go and nobody can just pull the string and have the bathing suit plop off its still on so i am totally ok with the string bikinis:]
—Guest michelle grabowski


Im amazed at all the kids commenting on here like 'Ive got a bikini' 'bikinis are cool' 'boys like them'. First of all, what the hell are all these children doing on a website like this? Secondly, children do not understand these things, they wouldnt understand the sexual undertones that a bikini has. They show far too muh skin, and personally I think any parent that buys a young child a bikini to wear is incredibly irresponsible and needs to be taught how to parent.
—Guest Sammi


Ever swimsuit my daughter had had since she was 3 had been a bikini! Yes let her wear them! :)
—Guest YES!

It depends

Heck yeah! Girls should be able to wear what their comfortable wearing. And while it may be the parent's decision, it's the daughter that's going to wear it, not them. I'm almost 13 and my mom has never told me I can or couldn't get a bikini. So maybe some girls just don't have enough courage to ask if they can.
—Guest Yes

Ewww no ways

Girls who are in between the age of 9-14 or are of that age totally shouldn't wear bikinis, because its hot and sexy, which is just kinda in appropriate for girls that age. Instead of bikinis, I think they should wear tankinis. The girls who wear bikinis are just showing off in the public. But, ultimately it's your decision, if you feel like wearing it you can and show off and be inappropriate. So, take good decisions......
—Guest A older Guest.

Absolutely not.

Who ever said wearing a bikini and showing off your body to guys was ok? I was raised in a Christian home, and my parents are strict about swimwear. I will be honest with you i am FIFTEEN and not allowed to wear a bikini still! I think it's really important to take a stand and say even know this may be embarassing, i will still do it, because modest is the hottest. We go swimming and the opposite sex gets turned on by our bodies even though we're intentionally going to have a good time with our friends. I think it's ok to have a cute, stylish, one piece. How about be different , and see all the people who will then look up to you and respect you for that?That's my goal.
—Guest no.


Well it all depends...Bikinis are worn by girls with curves so they can get attention and show of their body. There's nothing wrong with wearing a bikini, but it depends on why you're wearing it. If you want to say "hey guys come check me out" you might as well go naked. But if you just think it's cute and you like it, that's fine. Toddlers and babies walk around in bikinis and it's fine. So do people ages 16+. Sooo why is it that kids ages 9-13 usually aren't allowed to wear bikinis?
—Guest Maybe


i am 9 i started wearing a bikini when i was 4 im going to get one today my dad doesn't let me get bikinis he makes me wear a whole piece
—Guest yes

Im a guy

I am 13 and my gf wears a bikini, ibutjust cus u wear a bikini doesnt mean your cool just have FUN and ENJOY MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!
—Guest Male


I'm 12 and literally ALL my swimsuits ( even the baby ones) are bikinis, it has NOTHING to do with 'because I have enough to fill it in' or stuff it has to do if you're ok with it and itfits u well.
—Guest Fabi


I think they should be able to! tomorow im wearing my 1st bikini to a school field trip cuz my dad never let me get one! but im 13 and just got one! sooo...yeah if they want to they should be able to...!

13 and average weight

I'm not one of those tiny little skinny girls. But I'm not that heavy. I am 13 years old. I think some of the bikini bottoms are very slutty. But this year I am getting a bikini top with a pair of swim shorts. I think this is a good alternative to the other bottoms.
—Guest Yes

It's okay

I'm 11 and I got one last year and I really don't like bikinis that much. Yes I do like one piece swimsuits because I feel like its NOT going to fall off. I would wear a bikini with shorts if I had shorts. If I were a parent I would allow my daughter to wear one at age 11 because wearing it wouldn't be age appropriate. But yes, I think it's fine, fun, cool and think some girls' parents should see it's 'Okay' to wear a bikini at a certain age in the right way!! :)
—Guest Coolio

ewww don't

im 13 and i HATE when girls my age and like younger wear bikinis!! wearing a bikini is like wearing a bra and underwear so its like why would you wear something like that out in public? like i think its fine for girls 16 and up but like younger its kinda inappropriate. bikini's to me are sort of a piece of clothing that only skinny girls can feel comfortable to wear, and thats basically just for showing off their body and saying "oh look how hot and skinny i am." girls like me who arent "skinny" but have a little more weight thank skinny girls feel embarrased and always judge ourselves more cuz we cant wear them. most girls only wear bikini's to show off their figure and to get guys to notice them, which is so stupid. its ADORABLE when little babies and toddlers wear them because they have baby fat, but like if ur 9-14 its just for showing off ur body and to show others your skinny enough to wear it and its kinda slutty. so just wear a tankini or one piece and enjoy the pool and sun!
—Guest dana_rules_the_world!

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