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Readers Respond: Do You Let Your Tween Daughter Wear Bikinis?

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I think I will go to the store and buy me a bikini without telling mom or dad cuz i know they will throw it away.
—Guest Lady Bug

Yes if they want to

When I was 10 my mom took me to find a new bathing suit so we tried on a bikini and I didn't feel comfortable in it so I went with a short tankini. I still dont feel comfortable wearing bikini bottoms so I always put shorts on over and it looks great. I could tell my mom really wanted me to get the bakini lol but I didn't want it. Only get one if you feel comfortable and not just too look hot
—Guest Evanescence

bikinis in kids

i wear bikinis since i was 6years old ... and so .... anyone looked at me .. or that actually many girls around my age like 7 or 10 aldo did that ... and i think is normal... because naturally a tween girl or a litle girl dont have curves or the body to make a guy look at her .. so moms dont care let the girl be happy and when you see that your girl has curves and that stuff tell her to .. wear a one piece or a trikini or maybe a bikini but whit a cute short ..xD i started to wear bikini and a short or a one piece when i was 11 or 12 so then if you do this your daugher if you do this then your daughter will not want to wear bikinis because they will know what it feels or will be used to use it and will want to try new things as a trikini or so.......
—Guest gia


I am a 13 year old girl, and i have worn bikinis since i was a 1 year old. Its perfectly fine!! Your a kid not a slut! Most girls just wear them because they want to not because of the boys! Especially me, i find it stupid when you see a 9 year old dating someone.
—Guest SummerLover

Y not

Im 12, and all of my friends wear bikinis and I'm in a rash vest I was bullied and teased and after finnaly having enough courage I asked my mum and she said. "why darling you wouldnt want to wear one of those skimpy showy things would you?" I said yes and she got mad at me for trying to overage myself am Bd now i'm really upset because it's the farewell to the school party the girl will be wearing bikinis and the boys will be shirtless with me left alone in knee long boardies and longs sleeve rash vest. Somebody help me!! and it's bit like I want a string one or super skimpy and I'm not fat I've got a six pack because of my gymnastics and it's so annoying because I wear practically a cotton bikini to gym but no a real bikinis far to showy I'm not even allowed a one peice!!
—Guest You

It depends on the 12 year old

Whatever you choose to do should not be based on what the other people who respond did/ would do. Your daughter isn't them or there daughters and should be treated as so. If you feel that she is mature enough for it or has a leggitemat reason for wanting to I don't see why not( one pieces or unconfortable, ect.) but if she can't why yet maybe she is not ready. Though I do belive there she should be allowed to at some point regardless of reason. May it be next year or when she's 15 but either way it is your choose and it depends on your daughters circumstances. The other commenters seemed a bit biased( all being either mothers or teen girls) so I decided to give you my own take as a male. I hope it works out for the best and even if it doesn't it's no big deal it's just a swimsuit and in a few years this won't be an issues. Good luck. N.L.C
—Guest N.L.C


it really depends on what type of enviornment your in i mean im 11 and i wear a two piece but the shirt covers my stomach but is pretty low cut but it doesnt show anything so its fine and plus it doesnt matter if you have a little tummy fat i mean i dont really because i work out but it shouldnt matter
—Guest mysterious person


Well it really depends where your going to wear the bikini, im 12 in the 6th grade and wear a bikini all of the time. I wear a bikini to pool partys and to tell u the truth i always have boys hit on me.
—Guest SmileBeYourself

Bla bla bla

Note to everyone who is trying to make a point to all the people who think tht preteens shouldn't wear bikinis everyhing ur saying is just going in my ears and going out the other side so ur point not taken and in my town ALOT of girls wear bikinis to the local pool and since I had my 12 birthday back in august I think IRS fine to wear bikinis I have always been a little uncomfortable wearing bikinis but I think tht I should start wearing them I am twelve 5.0 and in the 70's and really skinny ( no I am not anerexia ) soi think it's fine the more u so called "responsible parents" hide us from dating makeup bikinis and other stuff the more we start to think something must be wrong with us and we will feel really what's the word well we just won't feel comfortable in alot of clothes like skirts tank tops Ect. So ya Thts my point
—Guest Jsbulldogscheer;)


Ok if your mom says no dont be like "OMG i hate her". She most likely has a reason. I am allowed to wear bikinis because i'm mature enough to take on the responsibility it comes with. Im 11 btw. Ask your mom why she wont let you. Here is advice for some things she might say - Old Pervs. Most moms are worried about this.If this is your parent tell her/him you will wear a sun dress or a shirt and shorts when you are out of the water so your'e not just in a bikini. -Boys your'e age. If this is your parent they probably think that you are not ready to take on the attention of boys your age. They might think you might go do something stupid like have sex or just go to far. Have a talk with them about growing up and boys. -Modesty. If your parents think it's inmodest then you probably should wait until next summer. If you ask them again and if they give you the same reason sit them down and say you are now mature enough to show off your body a little. Thats all by!!
—Guest bikinis!

I guess so

I'm 12 and I started wearing a bikini, but I thinks it's fine if you just wear sunscreen, and make sure the bikini dosen't reveal too much (thongs, etc)
—Guest a teen


I have always been allowed to wear a bikini. I'm 11 in 6th grade. It really does not matter though if you cant. Who cares if everybody does it. I wear a bikkin because im pretty skinny. Im 4.10 and 68 pounds. No im not anorexi. So one pieces ride up on my ribs. Also you don't have to be skinny to wear a bikkin. If your mom doesnt let you ask her for reason. If the reason is because of pervs tell her you will cover up when your not in the pool. I choose not to cover up because i am pale so i try to tan. But parents if your daughter wants to wear a bikini let her! Also it is fine to wear string bikinis. I'm 11 and i wear them. But no to revealing. Also i think any age can wear one
—Guest peace

Just a thought.

Okay if you're one of those ten year olds complaining and saying you hate your mum then you're probably not ready to wear a bikini. See if you're immature enough to not even consider why your parents won't let you wear a bikini who knows how you'll deal with strangers staring at you? Maybe your parents don't treat you like a mature adult because you're NOT if you complain about simple matters like these.
—Guest Anonymous

of course

i have have been wearing bikinies my intire life theres nothing bad about them i mean some people wear small bikinies fpr attention but not me i am 12 year old and i think bikinies are amazing and pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest amanda

yes all the way

i would let my daughter she has to be confident and not be to crazy in one
—Guest alta

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