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Readers Respond: What Do You Look for in a Toddler Swimsuit?

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What do you look for in a toddler swimsuit? Do you just love to dress your little one up in a ruffled, girly bikini? Are you worried about sun protection and favor rashguard tops with SPF formulated fabrics? Or are you back to basics mom who chooses classic tank style swimwear for girls?

practical + cute

I look for swimsuits that are very basic with fun prints. I look for ones that the straps won't fall down or ride up on the bum (as they just won't wear the ones that give them a wedgy and I don't blame them). I like bathing suits that look appropriate for kids. Mitty James, Stella Cove, J.Crew, Roberta Freymann, Target and Eberjey are some of my favorite resources.

cute swimsuits

I like retro maillots, very classic and with a retro vibe like gingham prints, boy shorts, or something that Gidget would have worn. I also love girly two pieces. There is nothing cuter on a little toddler girl than a classic two-piece ruffle bum swimsuit. The more ruffles the better!
—Guest Heather

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