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Readers Respond: How Do You Keep Your Kids Behaved While Shopping?

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If your kids are anything like mine, shopping with them can be challenging. Hopefully, you've got some good tricks up your sleeves that will make shopping with small children easier. If so, we'd love to hear them.

children & shopping

When mine were small, I made sure we never passed their nap time. Shopping isn't that important. As they got older I would tell them what I expected out of them before we even left the house. Consequences were discussed then too. And stick to your word! A minor embarrasement now is better than the child running your life in the future. Many people give a child a toy or some other small item for good behavior. Really all that does is teach the to expect some thing when you go out. It is better to give the a priviledge at home.
—Guest lamo mom

Madness Mist

I always used to joke that stores have "madness mist" at the door at a childs level and children would get sprayed as they enter through the door. I always try to make sure everyone is full when we go shopping and I tell my son if he is good, he can get a small toy or book when we are finished shopping. On the most part, it works.
—Guest Shelley

Clean Rooms...

If they are not minding i give them a warning, but let them know if they keep acting up they will have to clean their room when we get home. Starting with 10 minuets. If they keep acting up i will add ten more minuets.

At their best while shopping

Shopping can be a nightmare or a real bonding experience with kids. To keep my little one on track while shopping I have a few strategies that I use. 1.) Prepare them in advance. Let them know what you're looking for & what stores you will be visiting. 2.)Make shopping an adventure! "Hey Julia, can you help mommy find a white shirt? Next let's find your favorite dressing room" or if they are old enough tell them you have X to spend and let them help you find something to fit within your budget. 3.) If you're trying something on, make sure they have a few things too! I can try on 4-5 things for every 1 that my child does. 4.) Don't forget to rest! Take time out to admire the fountain, carousel, or just sit on a bench for a few minutes to chat and do a little people watching. 5.) Take your cue from them. If they are on the verge of a major melt down and redirecting them isn't working, leave and try going another day. Don't stress yourself out -- it's not worth it.
—Guest Jen

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