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Readers Respond: I Can't Stand to See Kids Wearing....

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What styles do you hate to see on preteens? What do you find offensive or inappropriate on young girls and boys?

my opinion

ok people, i dont think its right or approprite to dress ranchy at 10 to 13 but they dont have to dress like the virgin marry either.. Show them a variety of brands and styles that u think are approprite and budget fitting but for gods sake dont choose their style for them. And dont make your child a certain sterotype fitting your lifestyle or forbid them from being punk or preppy depending on your perspective. If they are openminded as i was they will be fine and if u show them the proper guidance they will know whats innoproprite. The results? A unique, nicely dressed, confident, and cool kid. They will also begin getting to know theirselves better at a younger age and be more independent when they are older. I have a lot more insight on this topic but i will cut it short by saying let them be themselves and it wont be so stressful when they are sixteen and changing- if u choose for them when they start paying for their own clothes u better watch out.
—Guest brooke

Girls now whats right and wrong...

Some people are making a huge fuss. I eleven alsmost 12 myself and know for a fact I don't want to be wearing sparkles to school. What did I wear today? Skinny and slightly ripped abercrombie jeans, brown uggs and my dark green sweater with ORIGINAL 81 on it. And a leather jacket on top. I think that some people are going over board...bikinis are fine as long as they cover everything. A bit of lipgloss is fine for school, lets face it: most girls want to impress boys. Its normal.
—Guest Jodie

Boys clothes are just as bad sometimes

Thanks to Justin Bieber, I see preteen boys wearing skinny jeans, I saw a 10 year old boy wearing skinny red jeans and I just could not believe my eyes.
—Guest Kennith

Kids clothes can be stupid...

alot of kids close are covered in glitter, gems and all that stuff. No preteen wants to wear that! Pink and purple and blue is okay in moderation...buts that is pretty much the only colours kids close come in. pre teens shouldnt wear things to inapropiate, but they should be allowed to dress like teens do.
—Guest rocker chic


I'm twelve and now my school has a strict dress code because some people dont know how to dress its horrible let your kids show their style but no,see throughs,short,short miny skirts,skin tight jeans ect.a girl a my school came to school on freedress in jeans ,uggs and a tee (good)another girl came in shorts so short you could see her underpants,black studded pantyhose, kitter heels,and a tied up shirt serving as a bra(ewww) the girl was sent home to change into uniform a her free dress privlage was taken away,so please dress your age(not that any one should wear that outfit)
—Guest soccergirl


its pretty easy for a preteen what i suggest is maybe a cute shirt from aeropostale abercrombie, hollister etc. and some jeans of whatever kind youi want with some shoes that match dont try to make it a big deal dont grow up too FAST!!!
—Guest The Regular

My problem:/

I'm a preteen, and every girl my age wants to somehow look older and get a more teenager-ish look. But I've realized that it's either you look in the really girly, little girl stores that protest against the older look your going for, or you look in the stores that all of the teenagers go in, and the look is exactly what your going for, but the clothes are too big most of the time. Most girls choose the second one, if they can find clothing in their small size, but if you can't find your size, then you are forced to look in the younger stores. It gets really hard to find clothes that are perfect and are exactly what you want. I feel like I'm in a rush to grow more, so i can fit into the clothes that i want.
—Guest Guest fashion

i agree

i seriously agree with guest sonia,i will NOT wear those things with hearts,and whatever. it makes me wanna throw up.im sorta punk so im glad that im tall and fit into teen clothing.i also agree that i dont want to look like a bratz doll, but seriously,that stuff is gross.sorry to people who like justice, but wow.there are sparkles as far as the eye can see!i also dont like when moms dress preeteens like little kids.
—Guest guest catgirl131313

let us be!

let girls wear what they want. im a pre teen. just dont let them wear thongs or clear shirts. bikinis are fine even though i dont wear them. and no writing across butts, thats just wired. oh and no reavealing clothing for under 8 year olds. most girls are sensible to know whats appropriate
—Guest udontnome

My Problem

im 11 and a 32C most girls my age are flat to an A so clothing made for girls my age dont work for me(most og the time) so i wear juniors i do wear things that u guess is a little not for my age but i dont wear anything that is inapropriate i shop with my older sisters and have no rules(from my mom) on my dress code but i set one for myself but the problem is im 11 and i HAVE to shop in juniors
—Guest Rikki

I know how you guys feel....

I'm 12 and I try to dress to impress, because where ever I go people do the same thing! I don't feel pretty when I look different from other people, but then I realize that there is only one of me in the whole world and that looks don't define who I am! I know how those girls feel when they try to get away with wearing mascara, see through tops, or skimpy jeans and string bakinis. Because a lot of the time, it's humilating to have people look at you and know their first impression is "What is that she is WEARING?!" when we are wearing something modest and they're well....not. I don't see anything wrong with bikinis, it's a great way to get a tan! NOT to show off how sexy you look to boys and get their attention. If you want to wear skinny jeans, try to find some that aren't low cut... shop at Justice for girls because they have no low cuts and are made for preteens and tweens! And if you want to wear a low cut or see through shirt wear a tight cute cami or layer it. that's all-unowho
—Guest unowho

Rock Star Look

I absolutely can't stand little girls, or any other girls for that matter wearing short skirts and combat boots...I'm a huge fan of rihanna but let's face it, she's a performer and that's what performers wear. I doubt your eight or nine year old will be on stage while at school..not to mention, that trend is quite raunchy.
—Guest Concerned About Our Fast Aging Youth

I Think It's Perfectly Fine

When kids 10-13 where clothes from adult stores like victoria's secret, it's wrong! i think it's completely fine though, when they wear clothes from justice, hollister, and abercrombie, because it's made for them! Seriously, you guys are taking it overboard. No 10-13 year old needs to be wearing jumpers, all covered up! let them wear bikinis, skinnies, and tube tops. As long as their not going goth! They shouldn't be in studded things with all black. Just let them be themselves!
—Guest Liza Wonk


some stuff is okay, like most bikinis as long as there not too skimpy and they are actually flattering on the person in question. but NOT tops with writing right across the chest like 'sexy' and the same goes for pants with words across the but, also low cut or see through tops, low ride pants and leggings without anything over them or super short shorts and skirts, it's just WRONG.
—Guest rora

Its Horrible

I Love When my Mom would Buy Me the little Cute Clothes From Cheap stoes but she doesnt Understand that im growing up And I like Hollister And Aeropostale and Abercrombie & Fitch and uggs But i Stand Seeing Little Kids Wearing Purple leggings and Mocisains and Some Short Shirt Please people we dont wannna see your Butt
—Guest GuestAriee

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