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Readers Respond: I Can't Stand to See Kids Wearing....

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I hate to see kids wear............

Hooker clothes. See-through, too short, plunging necklines and high heels all push my buttons. I have a tween that is tall for her age. she cannot wear tween sizes in many cases so she has been thrown into junior sizes. Oh my! What an eye opener! We need to be very careful what we buy. I wish some one made cute age appropiate clothes, especially for the tall girls.
—Guest lamo mom

low cut jeans

I have the hardest time finding jeans for my 8 year old daughter that don't show her butt crack- this really pisses me off. We buy as many long shirts as we can, but I don't know why the clothing companies don't get that I don't want my daughter sending messages to pedophiles with her clothing. Where can I find jeans that are not low cut? I also don't think it's cool to draw attention to a young girls bum with writing on it- It just screams "look at me".
—Guest Kara

grabbing boys attention

Many young girls like to dress all cute for the boys at school and they like to have their back in and booty out.They wear tight shirts and skinny jeans some lip. Gloss and hair always out and do whatever to get noticed.I would no because I have done it before.I'm twelve years old and do the same.But I try not to got too far like wearing tights with a shirt and my butt out.Many of us girls like to wear uggs. With skinny jeans and am aeropastale shirt.That's a cute style.But others may wear tights with shirts and half their stomach showing.Don't do it its innapropriate.
—Guest inothetruth98

you thinks thats worse?

it realy bugs me these days to see those extreamy glitry shirts. there just plane ugly!
—Guest ivy

Words On Bottoms

I can't stand to see a young girl with an adjective across the seat of her pants! We are trying so hard to protect our daughers from creeps and pedophiles,while some seem to think it's okay to advertise with adjectives! "Cute" "Juicy" and "Fun" are some I've seen on 6-10 year old girls behinds. WRONG!
—Guest mamaof4

I agree

I'm 12 almost 13 and not all kids are like that but many are. I can't stand to wear low cut tops and i never wear short shorts, but whats wrong with bikinis? guys at any age just wear board shorts with no shirt so whats wrong with girls wearing bikinis. most arent that skimpy.
—Guest Dominica

Reality Check

I hate the way young girls and women dress today. It's like when they dress like that: it makes me feel guilty about my self-aND i'm not the one wearing the skimpy clothes. Ladies-if you think that wearing tight, skimpy, revealing clothes is a great way to show how much you love yourself and that you have a lot of self respect, then you're in for a serious wake up call.
—Guest Jackie

ok sometimes

Well i personally think bikinis are ok as long as they cover up most of the upper chest and butt. but i dont like really low rider jeans or shirts with offensive writing on them.
—Guest Sam

Over the line!!!8[

they cross the line when boys are sagging and girls are showing midriff my daughter in middle school tries to do that and it gets me mad to see kids at age eleven like that
—Guest Guest Janae

can't stand roller sneakers

I can't stand roller sneakers -- I keep thinking concussion -- concussion -- concussion. Also, they encourage flitty behavior.

appropriate and inappropriate

I do think a lot of the low cut blouses they are making for young girls are just too much. I would love to see more age appropriate cuts of shorts for tween girls as well. I recently purchased a few blouses through the Forever Girl brand but I haven't been able to find them as easily since then.
—Guest Sally Jensen

In appropriate

I don't care for super low jeans with thongs sticking out or the waistbands of boys jeans riding at their mid thighs. This look is so passé anyway. Not to mention tacky . . . I also don't care for jeans worn so tight that they look painted on or obscenely low cut tops. That doesn't look good on a pre-teen. Comments on bums or shirts don't offend me. And a bikini most definitely doesn't!
—Guest Heather

Low riders

I can't stand when young girls wear the super low rider jeans that show their butts or undies. So unappropriate for young girls. Also, on the subject of jeans, I don't like when boys where their jeans low to show off their boxer shorts! Pull those jeans up guys!
—Guest Lisa

I don't like it when

I really don't like it when I see them wearing revealing clothes. I also can't stand when boys wear their pants so low that they are down to their knees. In a few towns over, they can give you a ticket for it.
—Guest Shelley


I can not stand some of the stuff that is being sold at stores for kids! Words like 'cutie' written across the behind on shorts and pants! Also two piece swim suits- why? Why do they even have those? Why do we want the kids to look 'sexy'? I feel the most appropriate ones will be one piece with boyleg shorts!
—Guest abha

Graphic T-Shirts

with writing on it like "flirt" etc. and no writing on the butt of pants!
—Guest Denise

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