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Readers Respond: The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

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Do you think students should be required to wear school uniforms? Whether you are a parent, a student, an educator or just an interested party, I'd love to hear your opinions on school uniforms.

school uniform

it gives the sence of ownership to the students of their school. the uniformity among the students is great
—Guest beatrice

Why uniforms for pre-schoolers?

With child psychologists and pediatric specialists saying that a child's visionary development happens when a child reaches 2-4 months to 4-5 years, whyshould we insist that a pre-schooler should have uniforms? It becomes monotonous after a point of time for the child to get the thrill of colors and enjoy different colors that exists.. I think for pre-schoolers we should not have uniforms. Those who are poor also can give their child the charm of wearing colorful dresses at the early years and when the child grows big uniformity is required to bring down the uncommon feelings among them.
—Guest Sudha

School Uniforms

I believe that enforcing the use of school uniforms is an excellent idea! There are plenty of other times to be creative with fashion. School does not have to be the place for that. School is to learn and think. It is not about who can be the most fashionable. Uniforms are a very good idea for all schools!
—Guest Maryanne

Benefits of Uniform

We forget the advantages of unifom in the absence of confrontation. The uniform, the Catholic schools got it early, forms a common indentity. It is not designed to break the bank. On the contrary it is designed to be spend thrift. This is not Ivy League. Consider shopping for clothes w/o the uniform to fall back ob.

Against school uniforms

I do not like school uniforms at all and I find myself buying to sets of clothes also. I just really think they should have let us vote to decide for our kids to wear uniforms.

Uniforms are no big deal

Both of my children attend a public elementary school that has a uniform policy and it is great! Greatly simplifies getting dressed in the morning -especially for my daughter. The choices are simple polo shirts and tan shorts, pants or skirts. Any of the tops/bottoms can alternate between tan, white, black and orange so there is still variety. The clothes can be found from WalMart to Dillards so price is whatever you want to pay. My kids often wear the clothes for play as well since it's unlikely they'll be wearing this stuff next year I let them wear it out now! No one cares, I haven't heard a negative comment. Complaints always rise when a school switches policies from whatever to uniform. Truly the negatives are trivial - uniforms help to prevent identifying who has money, or belongs to the "cool kids" group. Focus on learning not fashion - they have plenty of hours outside of school to express themselves and if clothing defines your child you have other issues to work on.
—Guest Maureen

School Uniforms - Specific Colors

It's perfectly fine for schools to require uniforms like polo shirts and dockers, or, skirts for girls at a specific length. What I think is ridiculous is for the school to demand what color is worn - like only red, dark navy blue or yellow polo shirts...oh, no...you absolutely cannot wear a light blue, green or black polo shirt. That is absolute nonsense! Ever try to find only red, dark navy blue or yellow polo shirts for the area that you live in. They are always sold out. As long as it's a polo shirt, who cares? Same with the pants. The schools around here are demanding specific 'colors'. Speaks volumes to a control issue for whoever thought that up! That is simply ignorant and ridiculous!
—Guest DKR

School Uniforms

I have always believed that uniforms are a very good idea. When everyone is wearing the same thing, there is less competition. Also, many of the students, especially the girls, dress inappropriately for school. I also think that it would help with disciplinary problems. I think that overall the parents would save lots of money because they would only have to buy the uniform(s) for the entire school year. It definitely should be enforced as soon as possible.
—Guest Jill

I love uniforms!

My daughter goes to a school with uniforms. They save all the aggravation of buying lots of clothes and deciding what to wear every day. The girls have plenty of ways to express their individuality through their personalities, not through some designer's creations. I think unforms make life easier for moms and kids. Clothing simply isn't an issue, and mornings are that much faster. When I was a girl, we didn't have unforms, and we spent the whole day in school obsessing about our outfits. My daughter spends her days in school learning -- how about that?!
—Guest Barbara

NO uniforms X(

theyre bad they take away indidviduality and your right to express yourself and you might have special clothes you wanna wear and uniforms can be expensive!!!!
—Guest benje

School Uniforms

I personally find them to be uncomfortable and more costly for my children. They NEVER wear them outside of school so therefore I find myself buying two sets of clothes everytime they take a stretch or are in need of new clothing. I cannot afford to buy very expensive items so I allow them to add a few trendy items once and a while. As long as they are clean and neat they always seem to be happy.
—Guest Lisa

no uniforms

i think that students should not have to wear school uniforms for the simple fact no one likes them u cant exspress your self when u wear uniforms their mutany i hate uniforms no child should have to go through child hood weraring uniforms
—Guest suzzie

Uniforms :(

In my personal opinion, uniforms take away individuality and a chance to discover ones personal taste. I attend a high school with a uniform policy, but it only dictates what pants and collared shirts you can wear, but other kids still make fun of you because of your shoes your jewelry and school bags. Plus we are being forced to conform to other peoples standards,!
—Guest Bobbie JAne

Uniforms are a nuisance

There are many reasons why school uniforms are a bad idea. Of course you always here it limits the childs self expression, but it is very true. Now everyone looks the same and there is no individuality. They are also more expensive simply because the uniforms have to be purchased and regular every day clothes for after school. For some children who do sports after school, 90% of the clothing they already own just goes to waste because when they come home from school, they go right to sports practice. The only time their regular clothes are useful is on weekends. Finally, the footwear. Most uniforms require certain shoes, so in the winter when it is freezing cold outside those kids walking to school will freeze because they can't wear boots, or when it's raining they can't wear rain boots. Overall school uniforms are more of a hassle than what little they do good.
—Guest Nicole

What's so bad about uniforms?

With more and more clothing being gang related or inappropriate why bother with anything but uniforms? The schools near me that have uniforms they are just a polo shirt and slacks or a skirt that's knee length or longer. What's so bad about that? When I went to school they already had such a tight dress code because of the gang problem that believe me uniforms would have been a blessing and I might not have been made fun of from my clothing because my family was poor.
—Guest Lizz

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