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Get the Preppy Look for Less

Preppy Perfect on a Budget


Lacoste Polo Dress

Lacoste Polo Dress

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom
The Preppy Look for girls and boys is in style and in a big way. Kids all over the USA are proudly sporting their polo shirts, perfectly pressed trousers and cable cord sweater vests. The Preppy Look traditionally calls for expensive, name brand clothing like Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste or Nautica. But, if it's just the look your after, you can dress your kids in hot-as-can-be preppy wear for a fraction of the cost.

Tennis Inspired Dress

Lacoste Polo Dress
The Lacoste Polo Dress is a classic in girls' preppy wear. This simple design is complete with the famous Lacoste logo. Perfect for both spring and summer, this is available in several fun colors like Mint, Gerbera Pink, Light Aquarium Blue and Rose Bush.

Girls' Carter's Pique Polo Tennis Dress
This polo style dress is a close match to the super expensive Lacoste dress, but at a fraction of the price. This dress features cap sleeves, a polo collar, pleated bottom, and an adorable ribbon detail with bow around the top of the pleating.

Polo Top

Lacoste Polo Shirts
Lacoste makes polo tops in a plethora of colors and styles for boys and girls. Prices for these fun and fabulous kids' shirts range from $50.00 to $60.00.

Kids' Cherokee Brand Polos
This adorable polo shirts by Cherokee might not have that coveted croc logo, but they look great, especially for the price. Snag one up for as little as $4.89. Look for cool detailing such as a Peter Pan collars, contrast piping, stripes and a fashionable slim fit.

Mossimo Polos for Boys
Target has a large range of polo tops for boys in a multitude of colors and styles. I am a big fan of these Mossimo polos for their use of interesting colors and modern fits.

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