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Girls' Smocked Holiday Dresses

Girls' Smocked Holiday Dresses


Hand Smocked Red Christmas Dress

Indulge in an Heirloom Quality Holiday Dress

Does the Christmas season bring out the traditionalist in you? Are you busy filling your home with evergreen swags, mulling cider and picking the perfect smocked Christmas dress for your daughter? Smocked holiday dresses are the most traditional of all girls' holiday fashions. However, the smocked look often comes with a hefty price tag. If you can afford it, a well-made smocked dress will be a cherished heirloom piece that can be passed down many times. But, you are on a budget and will still like that traditional holiday look I've found a beautiful smocked holiday dress that anyone can afford.

Highest Quality

Buy Direct: Hand Smocked Red Christmas Dress from bumbabella.com
This top notch dress has everything you should be looking for in a high quality smocked dress. It is tastefully embroidered with beautiful, intricate hand-smocking on the front and back. This kind of smocking found only on high-quality, luxury smocked dresses. The little extras like the Peter Pan collar, puff sleeves and matching, rich-red buttons make this dress a mini-sized splurge.

Great Bargain

Buy Direct: Charter Club Little Girls Shantung Holiday Dress
This dress has the same traditional holiday look, but is available at Macy's for a much cheaper price. As of writing this article, the dress was on sale for $34.80, down from its original price of $58.00.
The Pluses
Choose from the traditional holiday colors of green or red. The smocking has lovely detailing such as contrast green and red stitching with golden accents. The adorable red Peter Pan collar and puffed sleeves give this dress a very similar look to the splurge dress. Tulle underlay adds extra fullness.

The Minuses
It's made of a polyester shantung. The smocking is machine done and not nearly as intricate or as delicate-looking as the splurge dress. The back has a zip instead of the beautiful buttons on the splurge dress.
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