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Deal and Coupon Sites for Kids


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You have probably heard of discount and daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social, but you might not know that there are thousands of other such sites, and that many focus on deals for kids.

Whether you're shopping just to keep your kids' wardrobe fresh or scouring high and low for gifts, there are plenty of deals to be found online. You may be surprised to find unique labels and products that are new to you, as well as designer brands at high markdowns.

Daily Deal Sites:

  • Beyond the Rack

    - Sales events run 48 hours at up to 80% off.

    - Recently Spotted: Up to 80% off Yoki Kids Outerwear

  • Gilt Groupe

    - Up to 60% off retail of designer labels.

    - Recently Spotted: Over 50% off Antik Batik

  • Haute Look

    - Most events run 48 hours. Shop early for best availability.

    - Recently Spotted: 50 % off iNTAKT boys' clothes

  • Ideeli

    - Ideeli offers several daily deals at up to 80% off.

    - Recently Spotted: Up to 50% off Polo Ralph Lauren Kids

  • Kids Exclusive

    - Kids Exclusive feels like a boutique where everything happens to be on sale.

    - Recently Spotted: Over 50% off Diesel kids' clothes

  • Kid Steals

    - Kids Steals offers two select steals a day, at 50 - 80% off.

    - Recently Spotted: 50% off O3 Sport Scarf Bandanas

  • Kids Woot

    - Kids Woot offers a few deals a day, at $5 all you can ship.

    - Recently Spotted: 42% off Three Cheers for Girls funky socks

  • Mama Bargains

    - Check throughout the day if you're really on the hunt. Up to 10 deals may run in a day.

    - Recently Spotted: 35% off Kidorable umbrellas

  • The Mini Social

    - This style-minded site runs three sales events a day.

    - Recently Spotted: 48% off Me & Ko colorful knit dresses for girls 4-14

  • My Habit

    - Founded by Amazon, MYHABIT is easily navigable. Sales are typically up to 60% off and run for 72 hours.

    - Recently Spotted: Over 50% off Tutu Couture tutus

  • Treehouse Tykes

    - Treehouse Tykes runs new sales daily, and donates 10% of net proceeds to your chosen school or charity.

    - Recently Spotted: Over 50% off Winky slap band watches

  • Totsy

    - Totsy sales are up to 90% off retail on items for kids 0-8.

    - Recently Spotted: Up to 68% off Nautica Boys' Clothes

  • Zulily

    - Sales events are up to 90% off and last 72 hours.

    - Recently Spotted: IO IO fine kids' clothes: up to 80 % off

Coupon Sites

These sites share coupon codes or links for lower prices through retail sites.
  • 8 moms

    - Deals are introduced like referrals from friends. One of the eponymous eight moms shares what she loves about the product, and tells you where to find it at a great price.

    - Recently Spotted: 50% off Roma rain boots for kids (and moms!)

  • Baby Cheapskate

    - Don't let the name fool you; Baby Cheapskate also has sales for kids five and up.

    - Recently Spotted: Extra 40% off in-store sales items at Gap

  • Coupon Cabin

    - This is a no frills site with a roster of deals each day.

    - Recently Spotted: 15% off at 77kids

Deal Overload?

Many of these sites require subscribing to an email list that alerts shoppers to the latest deals. Although the emails can serve as a convenient reminder, they can also flood your inbox.

If you're only on the hunt for a limited time, say the holidays or months approaching your child's birthday, consider unsubscribing once you've met your shopping target. You can sign up again at the next go round. Sometimes the bargains can be hard to resist, and budget-minded consumers end up spending more than they're saving.

To reduce temptation, visit UnsubscribeDeals.com. The site makes it simple to unsubscribe from daily deal emails.

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