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Kids' Fashion Test Drive: Stores Reviews and Shopping Challenges

Store Reviews for Back to School Shopping


Where can you find some of the best kids' clothes, accessories, shoes and more? I'll tell you where to shop for B2S.

1. Shopping Challenge: Kohl's Back to School Shopping for Girls and Boys

Maddie in her Back to School Outfit from Kohl's
Image by Maddie's mom
Kohl's and I challenged kids of all ages from all over the US to mix and match some of Kohl's Back to School fashions to see what cool for school. We've got Kindergartners, tweens, girls and boys all Test Driving Kohl's best Back to School items.

2. Shopping Challenge: TJ Maxx Back to School on a Budget Tween Style

Test Driver Ani in her Back to School Outfit by TJ Maxx
Image by Ani's mom
TJ Maxx put one of my gorgeous, tween Test Drivers, Ani, to the test to see how many fashionable items she could find to be ready for Back to School, tween style, and on a budget. For Back to School 2010, Ani said her favorite fashion items are jeggings and tops with jewelery-inspired attachments. Let's see what she got...

3. Shopping Challenge: Gap's 1969 Jeans Fab Fit Challenge for Hard to Fit Kids

Anakin in his 1969 Premium Jeans by GapKids: Stylish Husky Jeans for Boys
Image by Anakin's mom

Gap challenged two kids to find a pair of jeans from their 1969 Gap Jeans collection. The 1969 jeans are available in lots of fits, cuts, styles and washes so just about any kid, not matter their shape or size, can find a great fitting pair of jeans.

4. Shopping Challenge: Marshalls Back to School on a Budget Shopping Challenge

Test Driver Anna in her Marshalls Back to School on a Budget Outfit
Image by Anna's Mom

Marshalls put my kids to the test to prove that you can get your kids ready for Back to School in style, even if you're on a tight budget. I took my girls to Marshalls and let them loose. The two of them and I put together several fashionable, back to school looks that are easy on the eyes and on your wallet.
What'd we get?
What'd we spend?
How much did we save?
Find out...

5. Shopping Challenge: 77kids by American Eagle

Test Driver Anna Shopping at 77kids by American Eagle
Image by Anna's Mom
Our first Back to School shopping challenge for 2010 was testing out the new 77kids by American Eagle store on its opening day. The Challenge? Each of my girls, Ellie 5 and soon-to-be-fist-grader, and 8-year old Anna, were challenged to find a super-cool Back to School outfit. They were allowed to put together any looks they wanted to come up with a kid-beloved and mom-approved outfit for Back to School 2010.

6. Test Drive: MyKidsFeet.com--Back to School Kids' Shoes from MyKidsFeet.com

Test Driver Miles in his Dinosoles Wear from Mykidsfeet.com
Image by Miles's Mom

MyKidsFeet.com is an online store that sells high-quality kids' shoes from some of the most famous and trusted names in kids' shoes like, Stride Rite, Morgan and Milo, Dinosoles and more. They offer a wide variety of sizes and styles and are committed to customer service.

7. Test Drive: TJ Maxx Under $25 Challenge

Test Drive: TJ Maxx Under $25 Challenge
Image by Ellie's Mom
TJ Maxx challenged me and my preschooler Ellie to find a fashionable school outfit for under $25. Ellie and I headed out to our local TJ Maxx ready to shop and ready to find some bargains. We put together 4 different looks, each for under $25. Come and see what we came up with.
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