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Kids' Fashion Test Drive: Kids' Fashion Reviews

About.com's Kids' Fashion Test Drive


About.com's Kids' Fashion Site is running a huge kids' fashion experiment, The Kids' Fashion Test Drive. I have kids from preschoolers to tweens, girls and boys from all over the US Test Drive some of the hottest kids' fashion gear. They'll wear and use the items and then I'll interview the kids and their parents to see what's cool in the eyes of kids and their parents.

We'll see which backpacks are the best, which shoes are the most comfortable and fashionable, which clothes are the coolest and more.

Test Drive: Kids' Clothes and Accessories

Test Driver Anna in her Kids' Fashion
Image by Anna's Mom

Choosing comfortable, durable and stylish clothes for kids just got easier. I had kids from preschoolers to tweens, girls and boys, from all over the country Test Drive the hottest items in kids' fashion.

Test Drive: Backpacks--Kids' Backpacks and Toddler Backpacks and Lunch Totes

Test Drive: Kids' Backpacks by Hatley
Image by Sophie's Mom
When choosing a kids' backpack, think about your child's needs as well as his fashion sense. Does your kid have to lug around lots of books and supplies? Does your busy girl complain that all her gear is too heavy on her back? Is your kid on the small side but still needs to haul some bits and bobs to school? You need to think about all these factors and more to be sure you find the right kids' backpack.

Lucky you, you don't have to do it alone. I had Test Drivers of all ages and sizes try out backpacks for you. They've stuffed them, lugged them and tossed them down the stairs to give you the best review they can and help you get your Back to School shopping done in a snap.

Test Drive: Kids' Shoes and Toddler Shoes

Test Drive--Kids' Shoes and Toddler Shoes
Image by Spencer's Mom
Are you having trouble finding Back to School shoes for your kids? Well then, let me and my trusty Test Drivers help. My Test Drivers have put some of the hottest kids' shoes to the test to help you find the best shoes for your kids.

Test Drive: Shopping Challenges-Kids' Shop for the Best for B2S

Test Driver Maddie in her First Day of Kindergarten Outfit by Kohl's
Image by Maddie's Mom

Come shopping with my trusty, little Test Drivers as they meet the challenges set up for them by me and some of America's best stores for kids' fashion. They'll so you how to find the hottest B2S fashions and how to score amazing deals too.

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