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Valentine's Day Gifts for Girls


Searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your favorite girl? Heart shaped lockets are classic, but twists on the conventional are fun conversation starters. Treat your Valentine with an anatomically heart shaped tattoo, sparkly shoe clips, or a graphic muscle shirt.

1. Heart Cell Print Shirt

© Nonchalant Mom
Meagan Phipps' heart cell print is a beautifully unconventional take on Valentine symbolism. The cells undulate like a heartbeat. If only it were available in more sizes!

2. Shains Customizable BFF Bracelets

© Shains
The customizable BFF Kit from Shains includes two bracelets and 100 decorative elements, including letters, numbers and icons. Make a bracelet for yourself and one for your young valentine, or give her both and let her give one to a dear friend. The adjustable one size bracelets are made of recycled and recyclable materials.

3. Hair Pins, Shoe Clips, and Brooches, Oh My

© Ban.do
Hearts are aplenty at Ban.do, making it easy to check off all your Valentine's needs in one place.
  • The Enamel Heart Bobbi has a refined look clean enough for everyday wear.
  • Sequin heart shoe clips add sparkly flair to any shoes. Best clipped over sneaker tongues or worn over socks or tights for comfort
  • Mini Hearts have a dual hair clip/brooch back that allows them to be worn in the hair or as a pin.

4. Heart Charms

© Altruette
Start a sentimental charm collection with love, peace, and generosity. Altruette's silvertone link bracelet is lightweight and sized to fit smaller wrists. The peace sign heart charm represents kids against bullying, and one dollar from the purchase is donated to the cause.

5. Sign Love Girl's T-Shirt

© Red Envelope
This RedEnvelope 100% cotton muscle tank is cut for girls sized 3-12. If your kid (like so many) is personalization-obsessed, she may give you extra cool points for adding her name. Without personalization, the graphic sign and heart send a love message to others.

Available in Ivory, Charcoal, Pink and Red

6. Tattly Temporary Tattoos

© Tattly
Tattly's professional designers and illustrators step up the temporary tattoo standard from the decidedly uncool graphics and colorways of the average prize machine, goodie bag iterations. Designs look culled from the pages of hip magazines and are sure to pass the cool test of even the most art-conscious kids.

Top Picks for Valentine's Day:

  • Besties
  • Best Friends Dolls
  • Enamorado
  • Happy Heart
  • I Heart Sparkles
  • Little Besties
  • Lovebot 214
  • Medal: You Are Loved

7. Heart Flip Flops

© Garnet Hill
Give your girl a taste of good things to come with these sparkly heart-adorned Ipanema flip flops. The lightweight molded footbed will keep her comfortable as she strolls by the water. They're recyclable, too.

8. Rain Boots

© Hatley
April showers are on the horizon, but these girly heart print Hatley rain boots will brighten up wet days. Features like neoprene uppers, flexible rubber soles and cotton lining will keep your Valentine comfortable throughout a long romp through the puddles.

9. Bow Ties

© Kelsey Bang
Bow ties aren't just for boys, they provide a whimsical touch for fashion-forward girls. This on-trend chevron bow tie from Kelsey Bang is an easy clip on. In addition to wearing it the traditional way at the neck of a collared shirt, your Valentine can work this little accessory from head to toe. A few ideas:
  • hair (as a clip; with a top knot, braid, or ponytail)
  • jacket lapel
  • pocket (shirt, pants, dress -- anything goes!)
  • bag (backpack, tote)
  • shoe

10. Heart Tights

© Wunway
A classic preppy color combo is even sweeter when dressed up with hearts in The LaLa Tights. The pink and green printed weaved tights are adorably styled by Wunway with the palest pink lace-up oxfords and scalloped hem beige shorts.
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