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5 Halloween Costume Shops


In the market for a Halloween costume? These shops showcase a variety of looks for kids, from sweet to scary.

When shopping for Halloween costumes, keep comfort in mind. Don't forget to factor in the temperature -- a thin leotard might not be the right thing to wear trick or treating in colder climates, and those fluffy fleece suits could have your child ready to turn back without candy if it's warm out.

Also consider long term wear. If possible, steer your kids toward costumes that they'll want to play in all year. Happy hunting!


© Buycostumes.com
Buycostumes.com organizes costumes by categories, brands, celebrations and price, making it easier to find the perfect costume.

Standout Looks:

Chasing Fireflies

© Chasing Fireflies
Chasing Fireflies has a substantial costume collection all year long. Costumes are creative and unique, ranging from amusing gnomes to delicate fairies, and funky witches to heroic astronauts.

Standout Looks:

  • Fiery Phoenix

    Lame, tulle and sequins come together beautifully. Optional accessories, including a red sequin choker and fiery feather wig, really set off the dramatic look.

  • Robin Hood and Maid Marian

    Both costumes are wearable and suited for a variety of imaginary play scenarios. Maid Marian's cloak is a luxurious option for cooler climates.


© Costumeexpress.com
With thousands of costumes for kids and their parents, Costume Express has many unique looks. Families who love to dress up as a group will appreciate the coordinating options, from Super Mario Brothers' Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad, to the vast Star Wars crew.

Standout Looks:

  • Lil' Man Eating Shark

    This silly pullover shark includes jeans attached to the mouth. Stuff the legs and add shoes for laughs.

  • Pac-Man Deluxe Child Costume

    Ghosts are available, too, so get siblings or friends together for a fun sidewalk chase. Inky, Blinky and Pac-Man can be worn with the head covered or exposed.

Disney Store

© Disney Store
The Disney Store is the place to go for character fans. Princess dresses are center-stage, of course, but the boys are well-represented, too, from Woody to The Hulk.

Standout Looks:

  • Peter Pan Costume

    Impish boys will look charming in this costume, which is comfortable enough for everyday dress up play. The top is cut and detailed to look like a veined leaf, and the hat is surprisingly secure.

  • Hero Merida Costume Collection

    This collection includes the glamorous Adventure Brave Merida Costume, an appropriately fiery and voluminous hair piece, a gleaming tiara, road-friendly gladiator sandals, and a gender neutral suction cup archery set.

Pottery Barn Kids

© Pottery Barn Kids
Pottery Barn Kids costumes are well constructed and durable, but the whimsical vintage charm really sets them apart. Cupcakes, unicorns, goldfish and spiders are pleasingly plump and entirely adorable.

Standout Looks:

  • Hedgehog Costume

    Rows of felt spikes plus one upturned nose equals total cuteness. All of Pottery Barn Kids' puffy costumes are designed to keep trick-or-treaters warm. The headpiece detaches, so your kid can get in character without donning the entire ensemble for regular costume play.

  • Where The Wild Things Are Max Costume

    This cozy bodysuit is perfect for a cool night of trick or treating. Thoughtful details include a fluffy tail, shiny crown and applique buttons.

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