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10 Cool Rash Guards for Kids


Fortunately for kids with style, this year's rash guard designs are more varied than ever, ranging from cool graphics to preppy polka dots.

Originally created for watersport protection, rash guards have moved beyond the pipe and become standard at the playground, in the pool, and on the court. It's no wonder, as UPF wear limits time spent slathering sunscreen and maximizes fun in the sun.

Families headed to the beach will appreciate the full range of rash guard benefits. In addition to blocking harmful rays, rash guards protect skin from irritation brought on by wind, sand and saltwater.

Girls' Style
For a girl using a rash guard as consistent UV protection, having style options is essential. Chances are that the top half of her swimsuit will rarely be seen, so she'll want a rash guard that makes a statement.

Boys' Style
Boys' longer board shorts and swim trunks pose another challenge. While there's no need to go matchy-matchy, he will want his swimwear to coordinate. To keep it simple, pair neutral shorts with a patterned rash guard, or vice versa.

Roxy Girl L8TR SK8TR

Up and Riding
She'll love the pop art vibe and hip presentation of her favorite girly motifs -- pink and purple, hearts, and animal prints. Sizes 7-14.

Old Navy Neon Graphic

Old Navy
For girls of the '80s who are now moms with girls of their own, hearts, rainbows and stars will have a nostalgic pull. This graphic rash guard has all three symbols, and neon, too! It comes in sizes 5-16.

Tiger Joe Speedway

This boys' rash guard will have major appeal to race fans, and the graphic is abstract enough to suit general style-seekers. Long sleeves offer greater coverage but remain breathable, and with a superhero meets European speedster vibe, you can't go wrong. Available in sizes 2-10.

Lands' End Classic Top

Lands' End
With classic navy stripes, contrast trim, and feminine shirring, she'll be able to wear this rash guard wherever the day takes her. The nautical look is always popular in the summer, and this shirt-like styling will pair perfectly with crisp white shorts. Lands' End also sells swim bottoms separately, so she can pick up a few coordinating bottoms to keep her summer style fresh. Sizes 7-16.

Volcom Mags

Up and Riding
Modern meets classic when Lichtenstein-like graphics are a subtle highlight. Boys who aren't yet familiar with the pop artist will dig the comic book factor and the sleek surf logo. Available for boys 8-14.

Tidepools Camouflage

Whether he's the outdoors type or a trendsetter, he'll look good in this sleekly styled rash guard. The high neck will protect skin newly revealed by a short summer haircut. Sizes 2-14.

Kimi Li Puff Sleeve Set

Up and Riding
This rash guard is designed to please both sides of your little girl. It's tailored like a sweet shirt, with puff sleeves and a high V neckline, but sports a sassy neon leopard print. Parents will be pleased that the top comes as a set with coordinating bottoms. Available for infants to size 6X.

Carter's Animal Print Set

What says whimsy more than a dressed up giraffe? This silly image will delight young girls. Practical parents will appreciate that the rash guard comes with matching shorts. Sizes 4-6X.

Lands' End Surf Patrol Graphic

Lands' End
The bold graphic of this rash guard will suit boys looking for a little edge as well as athletic types. Available in sizes Toddler 2T to Big Boy XL.

Sporti Unisex Sport Fit

You can’t go wrong with a solid. The black and charcoal colorway of this rash guard is gender neutral, subdued enough to pass for a shirt and will work with any bottoms. Sizes 10-14.
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