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Test Drive: Wittlebee Kids Clothing Club


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My Wittlebee Experience

Celia just can't handle the cuteness of her Lately Lily t-shirt and American Apparel leggings.

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Here’s what I asked for:

  • Style: Hipster Style
  • Colors: Blue, Pink, Purple
  • Graphics: Polka Dots, Animals
  • Clothing: Shirts, Dresses/Skirts, Leggings
  • Climate: Around the House
I specified that I did not want frilly or infantile graphics, and that I dislike featured text.

Most of my requests were met, but I didn't get the graphics I wanted. Instead, five of my six items were floral, another graphic option on the profile. Although I love flowers, I am particular about the style. Polka dots are polka dots, but flower prints run from cartoonish to dainty.

Be Specific

Lesson learned? Be explicit about what you really don't want. Going forward, I'll state "no flowers," because my personal line of acceptability is too hazy to explain. I might also indicate that my Style Profile preferences on Style and Graphics outweigh those on Color, Climate and Clothing.

If you’re style-conscious and want to give Wittlebee a try, satisfaction might take a little more direction on your part. After noting the abundance of flowers, I received only one floral item in my next box.

Be Flexible

On the other hand, flexibility is also key. Had I drawn a hard line about text, I might not have received my favorite item of all: a graphic tee from Lately Lily. The brand name is at the bottom, the train cars say “Peru Rail,” and I love it all.

For me, half the allure of Wittlebee is the element of surprise.
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