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Test Drive: Wittlebee Kids Clothing Club


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Wittlebee Kids Clothing Club Box Review

Preschooler Celia's first box from Wittlebee.

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Sign Up: wittlebee.com

Have a kid under size 6? Lack the time or inclination to shop? You might want to check out Wittlebee, a subscription service for kids’ clothes. Sign up, and six items selected according to your preferences will be delivered to you each month.

This is how it works:

  1. Visit the Wittlebee website to fill out a Style Profile.

    • You’ll answer multiple-choice questions about your child’s overall style, favorite graphics and colors, and clothing needs.

    • Specify what you love and hate in the notes section at the end.

    • Boxes are $39.99 a month and contain about $100 retail value of clothes.
  2. Sign up and talk to a stylist via email or phone.

    • The more detailed you are, the better the box will suit your needs.

    • However, Wittlebee isn’t a personal shopping service. Although the boxes are customized according to your preferences, the concept is more grab bag than catalog.
  3. Receive your first box.

    • You can pause or cancel the service anytime.

    • You can also split or alternate boxes between siblings.
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