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Test Drive: Stride Rite Kids' Shoes for 2010


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5 Year Old Miles Test Drove Slingshots by Stride Rite
Test Driver Miles in his Back to School Shoes by Stride Rite: Slingshots

Test Driver Miles in his Back to School Shoes by Stride Rite: Slingshots

Image courtesy of Miles's Mom
These performance shoes are designed to bring out the super hero in your kid. They feature a plastic "rubber-band" in the sole designed to propel kids forward.
  • Style: "These have more of a gym shoe look to them than what I usually buy. Not typically what I choose, but I like them. And they go with everything my boys would wear. They have a neat see-through heel to them, where the 'bouncy' look comes to play."
  • Comfort: "Miles loves these shoes, and is CONVINCED they make him jump higher and run faster. They’re bouncy, according to Miles, and he hasn’t once made a complaint. I’d love them even more if they had the Velcro “z-strap” type closure like other shoes have."
  • Quality: "I am always impressed with Stride Rite shoes, and these Slingshots are no exception. They’re quality! They’re sporty and fun and I’d definitely purchase them. Admittedly, there is more white on these shoes then I would normally purchase for Miles, because I know he’s going to get them dirty. But the fabric on these shoes has more texture on them than typical. They are able to be scrubbed and cleaned and still look new".
  • Fit: "Perfect! Honestly, the size was right on."
  • Cool for School: According to Miles, he can definitely do things in these shoes that he was unable to do before. Jump high, run fast and play T-ball like never before. That is, according to Miles.
Buy Direct: StrideRite.com
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