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Test Drive: Little Soles Kids' Shoes for Girls


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8 Year Old Anya Test Drove Little Soles Children's Shoes-Mustard Boot
Test Drive: Little Soles Kids' Shoes for Girls

Test Driver Anya in her Little Soles Kids' Shoes

Image courtesy of Anya's mom
Anya Test Drove a retro-inspired pair of bootie/shoe hybrid in mustard. What did she think?
  • Style: Anya was very surprised by the color of the shoe; she'd never had a pair of yellow shoes before. She put them on straight out of the box and wore them with a 50s inspired dress and and black framed glasses for a total retro look. Two people asked her where she got the shoes during the day. Mom loved the color combination and the funky silhouette. They look like some of the shoes Anya got in Europe.

  • Comfort: At first Anya was afraid that the ankle strap would bother her because she is sensitive to straps rubbing her feet, but she said they were fine. Overall she found them comfortable. Mom said that there wasn't as much padding and arch support in the shoes as with some of the other brands they've tried.

  • Quality: Anya's mom thought that the quality of the upper shoe was fantastic. She loved the craftmanship, specifically the leather, silhouette, stitching and heart applique.

  • Wash Up: Anya wore the shoes for several days and was even allowed to play outside in them. They wiped up easily with a damp cloth.

  • Fit: Anya said that her shoes were a bit wider than her other shoes in the same size.

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