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Test Drive: Little Soles Kids' Shoes for Girls


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2 Year Old Tatum Test Drove Little Soles “Bloom” Mary Janes
Test Drive: Little Soles Kids' Shoes for Girls

Test Driver Tatum in her Little Soles Shoes for Toddler Girls

Image courtesy of Tatum's mom
Little Tatum Test Drove a pair of Little Soles "Bloom" Mary Janes from their Squeaky Shoes collection. These shoes have a small squeaker in the heel that squeaks with every step Tatum takes. What did Tatum and her mom think of Tatum's new shoes?
  • Style: Tatum and her mom really liked the look of Tatum's Little Soles shoes. Mom said, "They are very cute. They will go with so many of her outfits and she even wanted to wear them when we went to the beach at Lake Erie this past week. (Of course I said no.)

  • Comfort: Tatum's mom said, "Tatum really thinks they are 'cushy' and she likes the squeakers in them. All around, they are really nice!"

  • Quality: Tatum's mom said that the Little Soles shoes are "very well made." She was impressed with the quality of materials and the construction of the shoes.

  • The Squeak: Mom said, "Tatum likes the squeakers. She tries to run from me in the store at times and she wore them to the store this week and could never hide because I could hear her every step! She likes the squeaking, but only for so long then she wants me to take the squeakers out. Which I LOVE the option of having them in or out!"

  • On/Off: Moms of little ones know how important it is for their kids' shoes to be easy-on/easy-off. Tatum's mom reported that Tatum was easily able to get her shoes on and off herself.

  • Fit: Tatum's mom says the Little Soles shoes run slightly wider than Tatum's other shoes.

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