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Kids' Fashion Test Drive: American Living for JC Penney


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10 Year Old Jack Test Drove: Cargo Shorts a Graphic Tee and a Plaid Shirt
Test Driver Jack in his American Living for JC Penney Back to School Outfit

Test Driver Jack in his American Living for JC Penney Back to School Outfit

Image courtesy of Jack's mom
Jack's an easy going kid who isn't fussed with fashion. If it's comfy and it fits, he'll wear it.
  • Style: His mom, however, said that she liked the plaid button up shirt most of all, saying, "He doesn't often wear a button-down, and he said he liked the plaid shirt a lot. I did too, and would like to steal it for myself!"
  • Comfort: Jack said that his outfit was comfortable, especially the plaid shirt which he described as being "very soft." His t-shirt was fine too and he said that his shorts were fine except that he perfers a more relaxed fit at the waist.
  • Quality: Jack's mom reported, "The quality of the plaid shirt and shorts is quite nice; soft and durable. The t-shirt less so. It's not very thick or soft, it has a bit of a boxy fit and the cuffs are too big.
  • Size: Jack and his mom felt the outfit ran larger than other brands.
  • Cool for School: Jack was happy with the look of his outfit and would wear it to school.
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