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Get the Look: Back to School Simply in a Dress


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Get the Look: Back to School Simply in a Dress and Flip-Flops
Fall Fashion Trends: Simple Dress

Maddie's First Day of School Outfit

Heather Knoske
At the beginning of Back to School season, it can be hard to find an outfit that looks great and is comfortable for the still-summer weather. That's why Maddie and her mom chose this simple, yet beautiful back to school look by Roxy Girls.

Maddie said she chose this look because it's easy to put on and off, won't be too hot at her school which isn't air-conditioned and because she likes the pattern.

Maddie's mom said, "I just love the traditional pattern on this modern dress. It looks great on its own and doesn't need any accessories. That being said, I decided to top the look off with a simple, white bow by No Slippy Hair Clippy. I love this outfit on her."

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