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Fall Fashion Trends: Beautiful in Red


Fall Fashion Trends: Beautiful in Red
Maddie's Back to School Dress by Tea Collection, Hair Bow by No Slippy Hair Clippy and Boots by Mod8

Fall Fashion Trends: Red

Heather Knoske
On of the biggest fashion trends for 2011, is the color red. Dresses are effortlessly stylish and make it easy to put together a great, trendy look in minutes. Toss on her favorite red dress, a cool pair of ankle boots and add in a demure bow and she's got a 5-minutes-in-the-morning, back to school look that's stylish and comfy.

Maddie's back to school dress by Tea Collection is so pretty! And it incorporates another big, fall 2011 trend--Ethnic Florals, so it's doubly fashionable. Her hair bow coordinates perfectly with her dress and finishes off her overall look. And let's not overlook her fabulous ankle boots. They lend a casual, trendy feel to her Back to School look.

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