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Test Drive: Stride Rite's Kids' Shoes for Girls

Test Drive: Stride Rite's Kids' Shoes for Girls


Stride Rite School Shoes for Girls

Stride Rite TT Shawna Girls' Shoes

Stride Rite

Quality Check

Stride Rite is known for their high standards when it comes to kids' shoes. What did our Test Drive Moms have to say?

Anna's mom said that that Anna's new Stride Rites are made from beautiful, smooth leather, yet they are light-weight and flexible. All the stitching is smooth and even and the 3-D floral design is detailed and very well done.

Lucy's mom said, "These are such nice shoes. I'm sure Lucy will get an entire school year's worth of use out them."

Amelia's mom said, "I love how these shoes are made from real leather but aren't bulky like some other girls' school shoes. Amelia can be hard on her shoes, but I find that Stride Rite shoes really last."


Girls' School Shoes by Stride Rite

Stride Rite TT Larissa in Dark Brown

Stride Rite
Busy school kids need to be able to get their shoes on and off quickly and with little hassle. All the Test Drive moms reported that the Stride Rite school shoes were easy for their kids to take on and off.

Anna's mom said, "Anna school requires her to keep a clean pair on indoor shoes at school. Anna has only a few minutes before class to change from her outdoor shoes to her indoor shoes. T-strap school shoes sometimes have a smaller opening for the foot and can slow kids down, but these had plenty of space for Anna to slip her foot in, which will be a life saver this school year."

Price Points

The Stride Rite TT collection for girls has shoes priced between $55-$61. The styles that my Test Driver reviewed sell for approximately $55-$58. All of the Test Drive Moms reported that this is a fair price for high-quality school shoes.

Cool for School?

School Shoes for Girls by Stride Rite

Stride Rite TT Sydney

Stride Rite
Test Drivers Anna, Lucy and Amelia say, "yes."
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