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Test Drive: Stride Rite's Kids' Shoes for Girls

Test Drive: Stride Rite's Kids' Shoes for Girls


School Shoes for Girls by Stride Rite

Test Driver Lucy in her Stride Rite Shoes

Stride Rite
America's most trusted name in toddler shoes and kids' shoes is Stride Rite. Stride Rite have been making top quality kids' shoes for more than 85 years. They are known for their high quality design, comfort and generous warranties. Stride Rite kids' shoes are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes and even widths, so any kid can find a pair they'll love.

Meet the Test Drivers

Stride Rite had 3 Test Drivers for their girls' shoes:
  • 7-year old Anna Test Drove the TT Larissa in Gunmetal--(Buy Direct)
  • 5-year old Lucy Test Drove the TT Emmie in Black--(Buy Direct)
  • 6-year old Amelia Test Drove the TT Larissa in Dark Brown--(Buy Direct)


Stride Rite School Shoes for Girls

Test Driver Anna in her Stride Rite School Shoes for Girls

Stride Rite
Amelia's mom considers herself to be a Stride Rite Mom and is a devoted Stride Rite customer for all her kids. She loved the feminine look of the Larissa shoe. Amelia said her favorite part was the subtle pink underlay peeking out from under the floral cut-out design. "It really added something special to a classic shoe," she said.

Lucy's mom said that these are the perfect, classic school shoes for girls. She loved the classic styling and said that Lucy's Stride Rite girls' shoes will go perfectly with Lucy's Kindergarten wardrobe.

Anna loved the sleek metallic look to the Gunmetal Larissa TTs. She said, "The color on these Stride Rites is awesome. It looks like melted metal. I love them."

The Comfort Factor

Anna loved how good her new shoes feel on her feet. She immediately put them on and ran around the house. She and her little sister loved the TT sole technology, they didn't know what it was but they thought the "bubble sole" was really cool.

Lucy's mom said that Lucy was very comfortable in her new Stride Rite school shoes. Lucy wore her new shoes without socks and they didn't seem to rub on her heel which is a great feature on a school shoes, especially this year with capri leggings being so fashionable.

Amelia's mom said that like the other Stride Rite shoes she buys for her kids, these ones are "super comfy for kids." She said that Amelia is picky with how her shoes feel and will only wear certain brands, and Stride Rite is one that she can always wear.

The Style Report

Stride Rite School Shoes for Girls

Stride Rite TT Nicolette Girls' Shoes

Stride Rite
Anna is a bit of a shoe princess and she really liked the look of these Stride Rite TT Larissas. She said that her school shoes for last year were boring compared to these "pretty shoes." Anna's mom really liked how these Stride Rite shoes combine the classic T-strap Mary Janes with a beautiful floral design. These shoes really have a great look to them that can dress up and dress down.

Lucy's mom loved the sleek look to Lucy's Stride Rite TT Emmie shoes. She and Lucy consider themselves minimalists so this design was perfect for them.

Amelia's mom said that the Dark Brown Larissa's actually look more like a bronze which is really cool, especially in the sun. She said, "These are going to Amelia's go-to shoes for school this year because they look beautiful with dresses and nice with pants too. We really like them a lot."
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