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Test Drive: Stride Rite Kids' Shoes for Boys

Test Drive: Stride Rite Kids' Shoes for Boys


Stride Rite Kids' Shoes: Boys' Shoes

Test Driver Ashton in his Stride Rite Boys' Shoes

Stride Rite
Stride Rite is one of America's most trusted brands in kids' shoes. They are known for their quality, amazing customer service and stringent commitment to helping kids find the best fitting shoe possible. Over the last few season's Stride Rite has made huge advances in offering up-to-the minute stylish kids' shoes that rival hip, urban boutique brands.

Meet the Test Drivers

Stride Rite had 3 Test Drivers for their Back to School boys' shoes:
  • 10-year old Ashton Test Drove: Stride Rite SuperBall V HL--(Buy Direct)
  • 7-year old Caleb Test Drove: Stride Rite TT Hendrix Lace--(Buy Direct)
  • 5-year old Owen Test Drove: Stride Rite TT Hendrix HL--(Buy Direct)


Stride Rite Kids' Shoes: Boys' Shoes by Stride Rite

Test Driver Caleb in his Stride Rite Shoes

Stride Rite
All the Test Drive Moms reported that Stride Rite is a company they know they can trust and these shoes did not let them down.

Ashton's mom said that Ashton was particularly impressed with the SuperBall soles in his new Stride Rites. He thought those were extra-cool.

Caleb's mom is a devoted Stride Rite Mom her kids have grown up wearing almost exclusively Stride Rite shoes. Both she and Caleb liked the look of the shoes. Caleb, however, said that he liked his shoes but wishes they were "shinier." Interestingly enough, Caleb's mom said that she likes that they weren't as shiny as the Stride Rite shoes he had last year.

Owen's mom said, "The design is very intricate and unique, also they are Velcro strapped, which is great for a five year old still learning to tie his shoes!" She reported that Owen was excited about his new shoes.

The Comfort Test

Ashton said that his Stride Rites are really comfortable. His mom said that they look comfy and they provide good support to growing feet. Ashton said that they were so comfortable that they made him run faster.

Caleb's mom said Caleb's shoes are flexible and lightweight. She noticed that this style had less padding than other Stride Rite styles, but felt this was because the Stride Rite TT Hendrix Lace is designed to be a lightweight athletic shoe.

Owen's mom said that Owen's go-to shoe in the past had been a skate-inspired slip-on shoe, but that these Stride Rites seemed more comfortable for him and offered more support for his feet. Owen said his Stride Rites were really comfortable.

The Style File

Boys' Shoes by Stride Rite

Stride Rite TT Hendrix H&L Boys' Shoes

Boys' Shoes by Stride Rite
Aston's mom felt that at 10-years old, Ashton is too old for Velcro closures, but other than that, it's a great looking pair of shoes. Ashton was impressed with the Superball sole.

Caleb's mom liked that Caleb's Stride Rites were less flashy than the ones he had before. These shoes will go with anything in his Back to School wardrobe.

Both Owen and his mom liked the look of his new Stride Rites. Owen said they are his "cool new shoes."
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