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Test Drive: Nina And Tom Family Fashions Kids' Tees

Back to School Test Drive: Nina and Tom Tees


Kids' Tees by Nina and Tom

Lucky Little Arion in His Lucky Tee by Nina and Tom

Nina and Tom's kids' tees have been a long-standing favorite here at About.com's Kids' Fashion Site. I love their modern, simple graphics, their subtle humor and the overall look of their tees. Kids love the big, bold, kid-friendly designs.

Arion, a comfort-loving grade schooler from a green-loving family Test Drove kids' tees by Nina and Tom.

Arion Test Drove Three Nina and Tom Kids' Tees:

The Comfort Factor

Arion is serious about comfort. He loves soft cotton and non-restrictive clothing, so he was a natural choice to Test Drive Nina and Tom's kids' tees.

Normally, because he likes his tees to be extra soft, Arion likes to have his tees washed before he'll wear them. However, when he received his package from Nina and Tom, he was so excited that he put the "Lucky" tee on, straight out of the package. Both Arion and his mom were surprised by how soft the tees were. Arion's mom said that she is usually put of by the "starch laden feeling" in most tees, but the Nina and Tom tees came "ready to wear." Arion said that his new tee was, "the softest ever."

Going Green

Kids' Tees by Nina and Tom

Organic Carrot Tee by Nina and Tom

Arion and his family have been taking extra steps towards making their home lives more green. They were very happy to see that most of Nina and Tom's tees are made from organic cotton. Arion's mom said that she appreciated that the tees' tags made it clear that not only were the tees made from organic cotton, but that they were made in the USA.

The Style Report

Arion immediately liked the simple yet eye-catching graphics on the Nina and Tom tees. His favorite of the three was the Lucky tee. He liked the tees so much that he asked his mom if he could wear one all day and sleep in one too.

The Wash Up

Kids' Tees by Nina and Tom

ABC Organic Tee by Nina and Tom

Arion's mom washed the tees according to the labels' instructions, siting that they required no extra care, which is nice for a busy mom. She reported that the tees got even softer and did not fade.
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