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Test Drive: Myself Belts--Easy Latch Belts for Kids

Test Drive: Myself Belts--Kids' Belts that are Easy for Kids to Do Themselves


Myself Belts for Kids

Test Driver Sawyer in his Myself Belt

Myself Belts
Myself Belts for kids are amazing; I've been praising these belts for years. Myself Belts make potty time a breeze and help little ones gain a sense of accomplishment and independence when they realize how easily they can dress and undress themselves with a little help from a very cool little belt.

Meet the Test Drivers

Myself Belts had 2 Test Drivers:
  • Soon-to-be Kindergartner Sawyer Test Drove the Race Car Belt--(Buy Direct)
  • Soon-to-be Kindergartner Lucy Test Drove the Metallic Heart Belt--(Buy Direct)


Myself Belts for Kids

Metallic Heart Belt by Myself Belts

Myself Belts for Kids
Neither of the Test Driver had ever tried out a Myself Belt before. Both Test Drive moms were were excited over the belts. Both Sawyer and Lucy will be entering Kindergarten in the fall and it's important for them to be comfortable in their clothes and feel confident in their ability to use the potty independently.

Sawyer's mom said, "I think this is the perfect belt for kids 5 and younger or for older kids that haven't mastered normal belts. I know Sawyer will get a lot of wear out of it."

Lucy's mom reports that Lucy figured out the belt with no problem and that she has even taken to wearing it over her sundresses and leggings. I love a funny Test Driver!

Ease of Use

Both Test Drivers had no problem using their Myself Belts even the first time they wore them. Both Test Drive moms reported that these were the easiest kids' belts that they'd ever seen.

Sawyer's mom said that Sawyer loved his belt and it was simple to use and simple for him to do himself.

Lucy's mom said that this belt will make potty time much easier, especially for school. She said that Lucy mastered the mechanics of the belt with no problems at all.

Style File

Myself Belts for Kids

Test Driver Sawyer in his Myself Belt

Myself Belts for Kids
Sawyer loved the race car print on his belt. His mom said that she got online and checked out the Myself Belt selection, she was impressed with how many patterns and colors they had to choose from. She felt they are stylish belts for kids.

Lucy's mom said, "Her Myself Belt is silver with pink hearts on it and very stylish I think."
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